FFXIV Endwalker: Aether Currents – Garlemald Map, Locations & Coordinates

You can't fly if Garlemald isn't free.

If you’re a veteran player of Final Fantasy XIV, you probably forgot all about the Aether Currents in the time between expansions. These whirling orbs of wind dot the landscape in new maps, and only by finding all of them can you break your shackles and fly free. It’s a one-time hunt that tends to be forgotten outside of launch weeks, but important to take care of early on — so we’re here to help you find them all. 

In Endwalker, Garlemald is the first region where you can actually grab all of the Aether Currents. The first two regions in the expansion (Thavnair and Labyrinthos) require a return journey later on in order to finish them. Below you’ll find a map of Garlemald with the major locations are marked with numbers, while the Aether Currents are marked with green dots. 

Other Endwalker Aether Currents

If you need to look at our other Aether Current maps, you’ll find them below:

FFXIV Garlemald Aether Currents

  1. Camp Broken Glass
  2. Horrea Campi
  3. Monitoring Station G
  4. Tapper’s Den
  5. Juturna Platform G
  6. Victors’ Spoils
  7. The Runaway Train
  8. Liminal Station IV
  9. Tertium
  10. Palatium Novum
  11. Forum Patens
  12. The Enceladeum
  13. Senaculum Imperalis
  14. Forum Solius

If you’re looking for the exact locations of each Aether Current, the coordinates are below. There are some small notes about acquiring the currents that are slightly more annoying than others. Finally, there are a few Aether Currents that are only unlocked via quests. We have also listed when those quests unlock and where you pick them up.

Aether Current Coordinates

  • X: 17.7, Y: 29.9, Z: 0.5
  • X: 29.5, Y: 31.8, Z: 0.1 (On Top of Pipe, Access at X: 29.3. Y: 26.2)
  • X: 25.3, Y: 34.3, Z: 0.0
  • X: 23.1, Y: 23.5, Z: 0.2
  • X: 11.1, Y: 22.8, Z: 0.6
  • X: 18.5, Y: 13.0, Z: 0.3
  • X: 9.4, Y: 14.9, Z: 0.5
  • X: 23.0, Y: 11.1, Z: 0.5 (On Top of Bridge)
  • X: 29.1, Y: 11.8, Z: 0.4 
  • X: 24.1, Y: 18.0, Z: 0.3

Aether Current Quests

  • Quest – “In Pursuit of Power” – Camp Broken Glass (Available After “Alea Iacta Est”)
  • Quest – “Children Are Our Future” – Tertium (Available During “Strange Bedfellows”)
  • Quest – “Stranded at the Station” – Camp Broken Glass (Available After “Strange Bedfellows”)
  • Quest – “Best Delivered Cold” – Camp Broken Glass (Available After “Strange Bedfellows”)
  • Quest – “Gateway of the Gods” – Camp Broken Glass (Available After “In From The Cold”)

Garlemald isn’t much to look at from the sky. It’s a wintry, desolate wasteland and that was back when it had seen better days. Those “better days” are clearly behind it now. Regardless, the skies of the Empire are yours for the taking once you grab all these spots.