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It’s time to grab your bean, grab your favorite emote, and dawn your knight costume because Season 2 of Fall Guys is here. Revolving around a medieval theme, this new season is introducing a ton of additional content including skins, mini-games, modes, and tweaks to the overall game.  One of the newest cosmetic options is banners, which appear when you spectate a player after completing (or failing) a mini-game. These are meant to add a little extra flair to your bean, as some will no doubt cost crowns in the future.

To equip a banner once you’ve earned it, go to the cosmetics page and select the new “Interface” tab. Banners should be the first choice, so select which one you want from the ones owned on the list to the right. Similar to other cosmetic items, banners can be earned a plethora of different ways including ranking up the battle pass or paying Kudos. We also suspect there will be ones available for crowns later on in the season, so make sure to save a few.

Below is a complete list of every banner we know about, along with how to earn them. We will be updating this guide every day as our store rotates and new banners are introduced.

Default and Battle Pass Banners

Fall Guys Banner


This banner is the default one you will have after booting up Season 2. There’s nothing you need to do to earn or equip this one so enjoy!

Fall Guys Banner


Unlocked at Level 5 in the Battle Pass

The first banner we suspect a lot of people will earn, Slime is tied to level five of the battle pass. It’s a pretty simple, but cool looking banner that reminds us of old gameshows on Nickelodeon. God, I’m old.

Fall Guys All Banners


Unlocked at Level 13 in the Battle Pass

I can already see this being the most popular nameplate because it looks edgy. Dragonflame is tied to Level 13  and probably is the best-looking one in the Battle Pass. It’s simple, but the lack of text and wall of flames really makes your name pop.

Fall Guys Banner


Unlocked at Level 29 in the Battle Pass

I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure why this banner is so high on the Battle Pass. It’s nothing special and the design isn’t exactly flashy. Compared to Dragonheart or even Slime, I feel like this is the Banner that a lot of people will just unlock, but never wear.

Kudos and Star Banners

Fall Guys Banner


Price: 1,400 Kudos

For the refined gentleman or lady who loves adorable dinosaurs and sees no need to flex on their opponents. Dino is one of the Daily Store banners you can purchase for the cheap price of 1,400 Kudos. There’s really no reason not to purchase this unless you’re brand new.


Price: 1,700 Kudos

Well, this is still a kids game so they couldn’t put “420 Blaze It” on a banner, so this is as close as you’re getting middle schoolers or that one person in college who lives in a perpetual state of being baked. This is another cheap Daily Store banner and can be yours for 1,700 Kudos.


Price: 1,000 Kudos

For those who want something adorable, Butterfly is a relatively cheap banner that you can easily afford after a couple of games. Even though it’s not the flashiest banner in Fall Guys, it’s at least better than the default one.


Price: 1,700 Kudos

Another adorable banner, Love follows a similar design as Famous and Slime. Given how ruthless everyone is in this bean-eat-bean world, spreading some love is always welcomed.


Price: 1,000 Kudos

Want to profess your love for one of the best foods in the history of mankind? Well, now you can with the Pizza banner for a relatively cheap Kudos price. Just make sure not to wear the pineapple costume with this otherwise you’re likely to be bullied by other beans.


Price: 1 Crown

For those wanting to flex on their opponents, Skelly can only be purchased by spending a single Crown. You can also get into the Halloween spirit with this banner and who doesn’t want that?


Price: 2 Crowns

You’re either a Sea of Thieves player, using the pirate costume, or still holding out for Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag 2. That’s it. Those are the only people who wear this.


Price: 2 Crowns

Fall Guys says “Gay Rights.”


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