Death Stranding Delivery Bots Guide – How To Get More Delivery Bots

How to let robots take your job in Death Stranding in three simple steps.

Delivery Bots in Death Stranding allow you to complete standard orders without having to carry the packages yourself. These automated robots will head out across America and complete these orders in real time. They’re handy for quickly getting Likes and materials without having to expend too much time, effort, and Monster Energy to do so.

While the first Death Stranding Delivery Bot can be easily obtained by following the story, you can also unlock additional Delivery Bots by meeting certain conditions. If you want a fleet of robots to command, we’ve put together a guide to help you out.

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Getting Your First Delivery Bot – Death Stranding Guide

Unlocking the first Delivery Bot in Death Stranding is simple. When you arrive in the Central Region in Chapter 3, you’ll eventually acquire Order 24: Prototype Bot Delivery that directs you to the Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City. If you’ve been using the auto paver to create roads, you can simply hop on your reverse trike and make the journey without any problems. If you haven’t created many roads, no worries; apart from a few small rivers and a potential MULE camp, there’s not many obstacles on the way. The delivery is fragile however, so be cautious all the same.

When the delivery is completed, you’ll unlock your first Delivery Bot and the ability to send it out to complete Standard Orders from a delivery terminal. The Delivery Bot does have limits as to how much it can carry, but you can see the weight of the packages as well as any special conditions from the menu. Again, Delivery Bots complete these deliveries in real time, so if it says it will take one hour to complete, that’s how long it will be gone.

Getting Your Second Delivery Bot – Death Stranding Guide

Once you gain access to your first Delivery Bot, you can supplement your automated deliveries by acquiring a second and third Delivery Bot. You can choose to go for either bot first, as Death Stranding doesn’t have a set order in mind for which you can obtain them. 

Our recommendation, however, is to pay a visit to Port Knot City. Victor Frank will give you your second Delivery Bot after you acquire the first and level up your bond with him to four out of five stars. The easiest way to level up your bond with Viktor Frank is to undertake standard orders where you have to deliver cargo to him.

Once that’s done, you’ll have your second Delivery Bot, which allows you to automate two standard orders at once.

Getting Your Third Delivery Bot – Death Stranding Guide

Much like the second Delivery Bot, acquiring the third Delivery Bot involves increasing your bond with a location to level four. This time around, you’re going to have to make your way to South Knot City. Complete deliveries for the city until you reach level four, and the third and final Delivery Bot will be yours.

Congratulations! You now have a small armada of Delivery Bots at your disposal. While they won’t be getting S-ranks when completing standard orders, they’re a useful tool that you can use to make forging connections that much easier.