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Death Stranding Power Skeleton Guide - How To Increase Your Carry Capacity

There’s much more to increasing your carry capacity than simply getting swole.

In Death Stranding, Sam’s biggest limitation when completing deliveries is his carry capacity. There’s a limit to the amount of objects that he can carry at any one time on his back, arms, and legs. Going over that limit means Sam will be physically incapable of moving. Since that is something you definitely want to avoid, we’ve put together a Death Stranding guide on how to increase your carrying capacity should you want to lift as many packages as you possible can.

Increase Your Delivery Volume Porter Grade – Death Stranding Guide

The first method of increasing Sam’s carry capacity doesn’t require any item. Instead, you’re going to need to pay attention to the delivery volume category on the porter grade screen. You’ll have noticed when you complete deliveries that each of the five points will increase for various reasons. When it comes to delivery volume, it will increase based on how much cargo you’re carrying for an order.

Why does this matter in terms of carry capacity? Each time you increase delivery volume by 10 levels, Sam’s carry capacity will increase as well. It won’t go up by much, but it is one of the only ways to continually improve it. In order to level it up, you’ll need to take on orders that give you the option of carrying more than the minimum required for delivery. If a delivery says you need a minimum of one package, take four more to give a huge bonus to delivery volume.

Get The Power Skeleton – Death Stranding Guide

As useful as improving your delivery volume rating is, it doesn’t provide the biggest boost to carry capacity. If you really want to turn Sam into someone whose the envy of every powerlifter, you’re going to need to get your hands on the Power Skeleton.

Power Skeletons are exoskeletons that dramatically increase Sam’s carry capacity. It allows him to carry multiple large and extra large packages at once, provides additional stability when walking, and even lets him move faster. The only downside to it is that it’s battery powered, meaning that if it runs out of power in a place without a generator in sight, you’re in a lot of trouble.

To acquire it, you first need to make your way to the Central Region, which first opens up in Chapter 3. Right at the start, you’ll gain access to a trio of orders that will direct you to several locations across the map. The order that you need to pay attention to is Order 19: Evo Unit Demo Delivery. You’ll be directed to deliver the package to The Engineer, who is located to the southwest of Lake Knot City.

The path to him will run across several rivers and through a MULE camp, so prepare accordingly. Should you make it to The Engineer without losing the cargo, he’ll reward you with a Power Skeleton for your troubles and pass on the ability to manufacture additional Power Skeletons from terminals.

Upgrade The Power Skeleton – Death Stranding Guide

The Power Skeleton is a huge upgrade in its base form, but you can further improve its capabilities with upgraded models. To upgrade the Power Skeleton, you’ll need to improve your connection with The Engineer even further. To increase your connection, take on as many deliveries with The Engineer as the destination as you possibly can, or pick up any lost cargo bearing the same name.

At level three he’ll reward you with the ability to fabricate Power Skeleton (Lv. 2), and at level four will further improve it to Power Skeleton (Lv. 3). These each provide even larger boosts to carry capacity, and are so useful that I recommend that you keep one on you at all times while out on a delivery. That way, you can activate it if you happen to come across any large materials or lost cargo that looks enticing.

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