Dead by Daylight Freddy Guide: Reworked Killer Power & Perks

There’s a new rework for the Nightmare coming to Dead by Daylight! Right now, he’s available on the PTB and we’ve put together all the information you need to know. Our Dead by Daylight Nightmare rework guide has all of the killer’s perks and its unique power: Dream Projection!

As a note, a lot of this information has been gathered from a few different developer posts on the Dead by Daylight website.

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Dead By Daylight Nightmare Power: Dream Projection

Dream Projection  

The Nightmare can project a copy of himself next to any generator, causing the generator to gush blood in the process. The Killer can choose whether they want to take the place of the projection or cancel it and use it to force Survivors away from the generator. The cooldown of Dream Projection is reduced for each Survivor that is sleeping.

Dream Snares 

The Nightmare can place Dream Snares on the ground, appearing as a pool of blood only visible to sleeping Survivors. When triggered, the snare will reach up and grab the Survivor, causing them to scream and lose their footing. This makes them run slower for several seconds. While under the effects of a Dream Snare, Survivors cannot fast vault a window.

Add-On: Dream Pallets 

With add-ons, the Nightmare can replace his Dream Snares with Dream Pallets. These pallets can be placed in any valid pallet location and appear just like regular pallets. Like snares, these traps are only visible to sleeping Survivors. When a Survivor attempts to throw down a Dream Pallet, they will not stun the Killer and instead explode into a shower of blood.

Dead By Daylight Nightmare: Sleeping Mechanics


On the verge of falling asleep, Survivors facing The Nightmare constantly dip in and out of consciousness. The Killer is invisible at a distance, intermittently visible from 32 meters to 16 meters, and always visible in close range, making him difficult to track as he approaches.

New Sleep Cycle  

Survivors will fall asleep passively. Successfully hitting a Survivor will also pull them into the Dream World immediately. Sleeping Survivors are subject to The Nightmare’s Dream Traps, and the terror radius is replaced with a lullaby, making it difficult to pinpoint how close the Killer is.

How to Wake Up Survivors

The wake-up action can be used on sleeping Survivors. Each time a survivor is woken up with the wake-up action, the next wake up action will take longer. A Survivor can also fail a skill check at any time to revert their sleeping progress.

The Nightmare rework also features a new interactable object, alarm clocks, which allows a Survivor to wake themselves up. Alarm clocks appear around the trial. When a Survivor falls asleep, the furthest alarm clock from their current location becomes active. They can make their way to the alarm clock to wake themselves up but doing so will require them to stop what they’re doing and spend time traversing the map. A Survivor that uses an alarm clock will be jolted awake, pausing their sleep timer for a moderate amount of time.

Dead by Daylight Nightmare: Perks

Fire Up

The increased pressure of losing your preys fills you with anger and gives you unsuspected motivation. Each time the Survivors complete repairs on a Generator, Fire Up grows in power. For each Generator completed, gain a 3/3.5/4% stackable buff that grants a speed bonus to picking up, dropping, Pallet breaking and Generator damaging and vaulting for the remainder of the Trial.

This perk is unique to the Nightmare until Level 30 after which point you can find a Teachable version for the other Killers.

Remember Me

You become obsessed with one Survivor. Each time you hit your Obsession, you increase the opening time of the Exit Gates by 4 seconds up to a maximum of 8 additional/12 additional/16 additional seconds. The Obsession is not affected by Remember Me. The Killer can only be obsessed with one Survivor at a time.

This perk is unique to the Nightmare until Level 35 after which point you can find a Teachable version for the other Killers.

Blood Warden

As soon as the Exit Gate is opened, Blood Warden is activated. The Auras of any Survivors located within Exit areas are revealed to you. Once per Trial, hooking a Survivor while Blood Warden is active calls upon The Entity to block both Exits for all Survivors for 30/40/60 seconds.

This perk is unique to the Nightmare until Level 40 after which point you can find a Teachable version for the other Killers.


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