Dead by Daylight Huntress Guide – Killer Power, Perks, Best Add-Ons

Looking for tips on how to play the Huntress in Dead by Daylight? In this guide, we’ll run down all of this Killer’s Perks and abilities, and offer suggestions for add-ons that best fit her playstyle. The Huntress is able to throw hatchets, making her an effective ranged Killer. Through Perks, she also gains the ability to penalize Survivors that fail skill checks, and is notified when they enter the Basement area of a map. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive look at this Killer.

Dead by Daylight Huntress Power – Hunting Hatchets

The Huntress’ special power is the ability to throw hatches. She begins each Trial with five of them, and is able to resupply at any Locker. Pressing the power button will throw a hatchet, and holding it will charge the throw, making the hatchet travel through the air faster. Charging a throw is a great way to catch Survivors off guard and surprise them with an attack.

As a means to balance her ranged attacks, The Huntress hums at a range of 20-45 meters, which can alert nearby Survivors of her presence. It’s important to note that the humming is non-directional, though, so Survivors won’t necessarily know exactly where The Huntress is. In addition, her Terror Radius—that is, the heartbeat sound that Survivors hear when they’re near the Killer—begins at 20 meters rather than the standard 32.

Dead by Daylight Huntress Perks

Like all Killers, The Huntress can unlock three Perks through her Bloodweb. After reaching level 30 with the character, teachable versions of these Perks appear. Once purchased, any Killer can equip them. Here’s what The Huntress’ Perks do:

Beast of Prey

With this Perk, The Huntress’ Red Stain disappears upon earning the Bloodlust speed boost that Killers temporarily gain during prolonged chases. The Red Stain is a glowing light that appears on the ground in front of a Killer, which can alert Survivors to their presence. With Beast of Prey’s ability to make the Stain disappear, The Huntress’ stealth abilities are greatly increased. Additionally, Beast of Prey gives The Huntress a bonus to the amount of Bloodpoints earned when performing Hunter actions like finding, chasing, and catching Survivors. The amount of bonus Bloodpoints increases as you level up the Perk beyond the first tier. 

Territorial Imperative

By earning the Territorial Imperative Perk, The Huntress can become alerted when Survivors enter the Basement. The Basement is an area in every map that, lore-wise, allows the Killer to more strongly feel the presence of The Entity, the mysterious and unknown being that oversees the world of Dead by Daylight. With Territorial Imperative, Survivors who enter the Basement will be visible to The Huntress for three seconds. The Perk can only be triggered once every 30, 25, or 20 seconds depending on the tier.

Hex: Huntress Lullaby

When a Survivor fails a skill check during any of the actions that have a chance to spawn one, this Perk will cause them to take a regression penalty. By hooking a Survivor, Huntress Lullaby gets stronger, and reduces the time between a skill check warning sound and the check itself. By hooking five Survivors during a Trial, there will be no warning at all.

Dead by Daylight Huntress – Best Add-Ons

There are quite a few add-ons in Dead by Daylight that benefit The Huntress and her various abilities. We’ve picked out a few that augment her strengths and mitigate some weaknesses.

  • Iridescent Head – By far the best add-on for The Huntress. This causes her hatchets to inflict the “dying” status on Survivors hit when them. It does reduce the maximum amount of hatchets she can carry to four, but that’s a small price to pay for this otherwise-phenomenal augment.
  • Infantry Belt – Increases the number of hatchets The Huntress can carry by two. Since her play style relies heavily on ranged attacks, extra hatchets are an enormous boon. It also means fewer trips to Lockers to restock.
  • Flower Babushka – By decreasing the wind-up rate for throwing hatchets, The Huntress becomes a truly formidable Killer. Flower Babushka makes extended chases far more dangerous for Survivors.
  • Yew Seed Concoction – Slows down Survivors hit with throwing hatchets for 30 seconds. Another speed advantage for The Huntress, this add-on really leans into her play style.

And that’s everything you need to know about The Huntress in Dead by Daylight. What do you like about this Killer? Let us know in the comments below.


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