Amaurot: FF14 Dungeon Guide – Bosses, Strategy, & Tips

Welcome to our guide to the final story dungeon in FF14: Shadowbringers!

It’s the end of the world in Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers! Well, it’s the end of the expansion main story anyway. Amuarot is the first level 80 dungeon in FF14 and the last one in the patch 5.0 story. It’s also downright gorgeous! For that reason alone we actually suggest using the Trust system to complete this one on your first run. That way nobody can rush you through this amazing, emotional roller coaster. That doesn’t make the dungeon easy, however. That’s why it’s time for our Amaurot dungeon guide to FF14.

If you’re still having trouble reaching Amaurat, don’t fret, either! We’ve got guides to Dohn Mheg and Holminster Switch — as well as their complex bosses. Then check out our guide to finishing Qitana RavelMalikah’s Well, and Mt. Gulg for good measure.

The first thing to know about Amauot is actually more about Shadowbringers itself. The new expansion introduced myriad changes to Jobs, quests, and more. One of the biggest such changes was an overall increase in damage from group content. Basically, dungeon and raid enemies do comparatively more damage than they did before Shadowbringers. The idea is to make tanks and healers more active than ever — focusing on the signature aspects of their given roles. DPS players, meanwhile, need to work quickly to reduce incoming damage from trash mobs.

You also need to watch out for the Terminus Detonator enemy type. These are enemies that appear during trash mobs and tether to specific party members. That means they will not focus on the tank, regardless of how much enmity you generate, and should be targeted first. With that out of the way, let’s get to the first boss of the Amaurot dungeon in FF14: The First Beast.

Amaurot FF14 Dungeon Guide

The First Beast – Amaurot FF14 Dungeon Guide

Venomous Breath is an cone-shaped AoE that The First Beast deploys in front of itself. As such, tanks should face the boss away from the party at all times. In fact you should almost always face bosses away from the party anyway, but it’s more important than usual this time.

Earthquake is another close-range AoE: this time in a circle around the boss. Just move away from The First Beast to avoid the hit.

Meteor Rain targets three players with absolutely massive AoE damage markers. Those affected need to split up in order to avoid stacking damage on each other. It’s actually a good rule of thumb for anyone who’s targeted to stand close to — but not all the way into — their own corner of the room. That’s because, after the initial splash of damage, Meteor Rain will deal proximity damage radiating out from each place the players were standing. Dropping the meteors near three different corners leaves the last corner relatively safe. Just make sure you run to it after placing your meteor!

Later on, Meteor Rain will also summon AoE damage circles that travel in a straight line around the arena. This further limits the safe spaces you can stand in. The pattern is very predictable, however, and can be avoided by running in the same direction the AoE circles came from.

The Falling Sky will usually trigger while Meteor Rain is preparing for its second blast of damage. This simply creates large, red AoE markers that players need to avoid in addition to the purple proximity damage. As such, it helps to save your sprint for this phase. That way you can get to a relatively safe area more easily.

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The Final Sky will do room-wide damage after a short delay. However, players can stand with one of the meteors (dropped into the arena by Meteor Rain) between them and the boss. This will block the damage. If you’ve completed the Labyrinth of the Ancients raid, then know that this works almost exactly like the Ecliptic Meteor summoned by King Behemoth.

The boss will follow up by summoning a large, square AoE marker that blankets almost the entire room. The only safe zone is a thin strip of land on the side of the arena farthest from the boss. Run to it in order to avoid damage. Tanks should note that the boss will follow them during this AoE, however. Make sure you continue facing that big worm away from the group!

We’re still not done with AoE attacks, I’m afraid. The First Beast will next cast The Burning Sky. This is a straightforward, targeted AoE attack that marks up all players with purple damage circles — similar to the first part of Meteor Rain. The circles are much smaller, though. Just stand apart from your friends to avoid stacking damage!

The boss will continue throwing this endless rain of garbage until it dies. After that, however, you’re free to move on to the next phase of Amaurot in FF14: Terminus Bellwether.

Amaurot FF14 Dungeon Guide

Terminus Bellwether – Amaurot FF14 Dungeon Guide

This boss is much simpler than its big brother. You’ll very quickly notice is that it has very little health, and will be replaced by a massive army of trash mobs. It’s only real attack is Shrill Shriek. This deals light damage to the entire party before summoning the aforementioned additional enemies.

You’ll be tempted to just group the enemies together and burn them down with your own AoE attacks. Don’t be so hasty, though! Much like the trash mobs between bosses, this group includes enemies that will tether to random players. Your DPS players need to focus on these creatures first — lest they die before making a real dent in the endless waves of baddies. Meanwhile, tanks just need to do their best to face foes away from the group and dodge incoming AoE markers. That’s a bit of a pain, since the mobs themselves tend to cover up the markers, but it’s nothing you haven’t dealt with before.

Terminus Bellwether will eventually return to the scene of the crime and cast Burst. This is a slow-motion spell that will wipe the entire party if left unchecked. It’s up to the DPS to burn the boss down quickly (which isn’t too hard considering it has very little health) before the attack finishes. After that, it’s time to move on to the third and final boss of Amaurot in FF14: Chthonic Riddle, Therion.

Amaurot FF14 Dungeon Guide

Chthonic Riddle, Therion – Amaurot FF14 Dungeon Guide

This entire fight takes place on a long stone platform floating in the middle of space. As the battle progresses, the boss will charge forward and leave less room to work with. Don’t be too hasty when you run away from it and its attacks, though! You absolutely can walk off the edge of the platform and die during this fight.

Shadow Wreck does unavoidable damage to the entire group. Tanks and healers can shield and heal through it without much worry. The attack also lights the zone behind Therion on fire, but we really don’t have to worry about that. You’ll spend pretty much the entire fight in front of the boss.

Apokalypsis fires a massive pillar of damage across the length of the arena. The only way to avoid it is by moving to the small, rectangular outcroppings on the sides of the zone. It doesn’t particularly matter which one you choose at first, but this will become important later.

Therion Charge is the attack which eats up your available space. The boss will leap forward by approximately one “chunk” of the arena while dealing proximity damage. Run away from the boss — farther down the rectangle of the arena — to reduce the hit. Tanks and DPS players should also be ready to use gap-closing skills like Plunge to get back into the fight.

Amaurot FF14 Dungeon Guide

Next is Deathly Ray. This is actually two different attacks from three different sources. The first two come from floating skulls that appear on the outside of the arena. One row of the skulls will the fire AoE beams that deal low, continuous damage to anyone standing in their way. Move out of the beams if you’re standing inside them! This is immediately followed by the second line of skulls firing their own beams in what used to be the safe spaces. To avoid this, stand in one of the spots that was previously hit by the first salvo.

The boss itself can also cast Deathly Ray in a random direction. Just like with the skulls, just move out of the way of this attack if you get caught inside it. The only wrinkle is a pair of standard AoE damage circles that appear around the same time. Dance around these and the beam as necessary.

Once the boss reaches the last chunk of the platform, things get a bit more urgent. Now every time Therion casts Apokalypsis, one of the side platforms will turn light purple and begin to crack. These outcroppings are no long safe to stand on, since the very next Apokalypsis will destroy the crumbling area. If you stand on one of the afflicted zones during this attack, you will fall into the void and die. So… Don’t do that!

And that’s it! You’ve now seen everything in our dungeon guide to Amaurot in FF14. Thanks for taking the time to read it. Here’s hoping it will help you blow through this not-so-heavenly dungeon. You’re also very close to done with the Shadowbringers story campaign at this point. So good luck and keep at it! Finally, be sure to check out our full list of FF14: Shadowbringers coverage in our mega guide.


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