The Elden Ring Exile Armor Set: A Review


It’s always hard to find the perfect armor in RPGs — that problem remains true for Elden Ring as well. Sure, you can just pick the biggest and sturdiest attire to defend your Tarnished from harm, but chances are you’re going to end up looking like Frankenstein’s monster.

Thankfully, there is one armor set that provides protection, prestige, and style all at once. The Exile Set is the best armor in Elden Ring, and possibly all other games in the genre. According to me.

Elden Ring Exile Armor 1


  • It looks so fucking cool.
  • Serious Darkest Dungeon vibes.
  • More video games should consider adding a massive piece of cloth on their characters, automatically making it the best armor that has ever existed.
  • Zara would charge $500 for this and I’d be okay with it.
  • I’m 100 percent going for this look once winter rolls around.
  • If you wear the Prisoner helmet with it, you automatically become a Yoko Taro character.
  • Honestly, any helmet would look cool with this. It goes with everything. It’s that good.


  • It took me 15 hours to find.
  • Do you know how much I suffered to get to that point?
  • I fought a goddamn demigod.
  • The enemies that drop the set pieces kept giving me mushrooms as loot instead. What am I supposed to do with this many mushrooms?
  • I was crushed, impaled, and screamed at.
  • I ran away from a dragon.
  • The urge to just google where to find the Exile Armor was simply too strong.
  • Look, I wasn’t gonna fight that first dragon at the start of the game.
  • I opened every single chest I could find in hopes of finding the set. One of them took me to a dreamlike realm with a sleeping giant on the other side of the map.
  • I’ll go back to fight the dragon once I level up enough, okay???
  • Sadly, all of the other armor pieces I find from now on are useless to me. My Tarnished is going to have to find fire resistance elsewhere. Sorry, bud.

Exile Armor Elden Ring Review