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Updates to Dye System Coming in Final Fantasy XIV's Patch 7.0

The glamour system is the real endgame.

The opening keynote of Final Fantasy XIV's Fan Festival was full of exciting information for fans, including the unveiling of its next expansion, Dawntrail. Among the many new features shown coming with Patch 7.0, director and producer Naoki "Yoshi-P" Yoshida gave detail on an upcoming update to the game's dye system.

FFXIV's current dye system is a basic implementation in its current state, with gear having specific details fixed and unchangeable in color. Only the primary pieces of the item are affected when applying a dye. With Patch 7.0, players can use two different dyes for each item in their gearset, allowing further customization to their glamours. Making previous untouchable details in armor pieces now affected by a separate dye opens new possibilities and customization for Warriors of Light's glamours, allowing players to make their character stand out even more and let their imaginations run wild.

ffxiv two dyes.png

Yoshi-P also mentioned that these changes will also apply to furnishing items. However, with some items being very intricate in detail, not every item will be affected by these changes the way players may expect. Many pieces will be set to use the new dye system during the release of Patch 7.0, though following patches will continually add items to the list.

There is a section of the FFXIV community dedicated to the art of creating glamours, using sites like Eorzea Collection, where they assemble clever combinations of items to showcase stylish looks and cosplays. This new system will open a new realm of possibility and creativity for players, who will surely create some unique looks that will turn heads in Eorzea and the New World.

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