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Two New Combat Jobs Coming to Final Fantasy XIV in Patch 7.0

Is Swashbuckler or something similar on its way?

Final Fantasy XIV's Las Vegas Fan Festival 2023 began today, with many major announcements. On top of a location confirmation, a release window, and many teases at a graphical update, director and producer Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida also alluded to two new jobs.

Speculation has abounded since last expansion, but he confirmed there would be two new classes, both DPS. The roles will be a melee DPS, and the other a magical ranged DPS. While Yoshi-P stated he could not reveal the exact job details through the stream today, he asked the crowd present what jobs they would want. After listening to the crowd's impassioned responses, he did give a tease to what they could be. After stating, "it's really hot, I've got to take off this overshirt," he turned his back to the camera. Following a brief wardrobe change, he revealed a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt.

"So, while you wait, just try to imagine what kind of jobs we might have in store. Hope you can see this; I hope you can see well!" 

tmnt shirt jobs.png
Screenshot of Yoshi-P's shirt from Fanfest 2023 

Yoshi-P's shirt serves as a hint for what's to come. The dual-wielding Leonardo is front and center, spawning speculation that the new melee may just be a dual wielding sword class. If the class announcement doesn't come with the Saturday keynote, the next Fanfast is in London October 21st and 22nd. It's possible the job names and details could drop then, along with further expansion information.

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