Sony Asks If EVO Guests Want PlayStation NFTs, Doesn’t Let Them Say ‘No’

The prompt asks if users would be interested in buying PlayStation character NFTs.

You know how Sony wanted folks to know that the PlayStation Stars digital collectibles weren’t NFTs last month? Well, it doesn’t sound like Sony is completely opposed to dealing with NFT bullshit with the PlayStation brand, as EVO attendees in Las Vegas this weekend are apparently being asked what kinds of NFTs they’d be interested in purchasing.

News of this has started to spread from attendees on social media, as the PlayStation Quests program used at Sony events has been prompting those at EVO asking what kind of NFTs they’d be interested in purchasing. The available answers include: Evo-branded, Favorite music artists, Favorite Esports players/teams, PlayStation Items, Favorite Game Characters. The inclusion of musical artists makes it sounds like this might be a wider Sony initiative than just PlayStation, but even so much of the examples here are tied to video games in some way.

Unfortunately, there’s no write-in option to say “NFTs are a scam, and fake scarcity of digital goods will dilute your brand to everyone who isn’t already buying into this shit while the market is crashing.” So there doesn’t seem to be any means for users to say they’re not interested in that shit.

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Fanbyte has folks on the ground at EVO this weekend, so we’ll update this story should we learn any more information about the prompt, or any other NFT chatter is happening on the show floor.

EVO, the world-renowned fighting game tournament, was acquired by PlayStation last year, and the 2022 event is the first time Sony has hosted the event itself after it was canceled in 2020 and held digitally in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.