Square Enix Offers Sneak Peek at New Mounts and Minions Coming in Final Fantasy Patch 6.4

Does that dog have a sword?!

With every new major patch in Final Fantasy XIV, players are brought a variety of new mounts and minions to add to their collection. Patch 6.4 is no exception, as seen from the Live Letter 77 and preliminary patch notes.

FFXIV producer and director Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida showcased some of the upcoming mounts and minions in Patch 6.4 during Live Letter 77, and the recently released preliminary patch notes gave fans another look at what’s to come. Here is a list of the upcoming mounts and minions players can add to their collections.

Minions Added in Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.4

There’s a variety of styles in the minions coming in the newest patch. Live Letter 77 showcased the likes of an adorable baby chimp, a dog who happens to be a Ninja main, and a very dapper otter. The patch notes also showcased a miniature version of the Ruby Weapon, which still manages to look intimidating while being adorably tiny.

While these are the only minions shown off so far, Yoshi-P commented during the Live Letter that there are even more to collect.

Mounts Added in Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.4

Among the new mounts showcased, there’s a new addition to the Mandragora line with the Mandragora Queen, a comfortable bed to lounge on while flying, an adorable axolotl, and a robot specializing in piggyback rides.

Those who enjoy finding and collecting every mount and minion in the game will have a lot to look forward to when Patch 6.4 launches on May 23. Although the latest Live Letter and preliminary patch notes showcased some of them, players will have even more to discover after the new content goes live.