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Pokemon World Championships Pays Tribute to a Classic 2014 Pachirisu Play

An uncommon pick helped win the 2014 tournament.

The Pokemon World Championships are taking place in London right now, and during the opening ceremony, The Pokemon Company paid tribute to one of the most iconic moments in competitive Pokemon history: when a player won the 2014 competitive tournament all thanks to a Pachirisu.

In 2014, Korean competitor Se-jun Park won the event’s Pokemon X & Y tournament thanks to the electric squirrel on his team which knew the attack Follow Me. The move is utilized in 2v2 battles, and diverts opposing Pokemon’s attention to the user. This meant Pachirisu, who is otherwise not considered that threatening, was taking on attacks meant for its teammates, allowing Park’s more powerful Pokemon to survive to deal more damage. Though the play was eight years ago, the moment of Pachirisu using Follow Me to save Park’s Garchomp and win the match is still legendary within the community.


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It was so legendary, in fact, that the Pokemon Company decided to immortalize the skillful play in the Pokemon World Championships’ opening ceremony by making a digital statue of that moment part of its intro video, which you can see unfold throughout below:

While that X & Y moment is written in the stars, competitive video game players are playing Pokemon Sword & Shield this year, and will likely transition to Scarlet & Violet in 2023.

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Pokemon World Championships Pays Tribute to a Classic 2014 Pachirisu Play

If you’re not into the competitive Pokemon scene, it does sound like The Pokemon Company is going to have news for other fans at the event. It already revealed a new map for Pokemon Unite and discussed a future update for Pokemon Masters EX, but it sounds like some Scarlet & Violet news will also be announced during the closing ceremony.

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