What Were the ‘Endless Possibilities’ for Eevee if Not a New Evolution?

The name of a new episode of Pokemon Journeys' had fans speculating a new Eevee evolution would be revealed.

Earlier this week, Pokemon fans were convinced we were going to learn about a new Eevee evolution either during this week’s Pokemon Presents showcase, or in the new episode of the Pokemon Journeys anime titled “The Possibilities are Endless for Chloe and Eevee,” which aired in Japan today, August 5. No such Pokemon was revealed at the Pokemon Presents, so just what were the endless possibilities for Eevee in the show?

Spoilers for Pokemon Journeys’ latest episode follow:

Not much, as it turns out. The latest episode of Pokemon Journeys did put some spotlight on main character Chloe and her partner Eevee who has yet to evolve, but it focused more on the two’s journey to deciding what they want their future to be, rather than actually coming to much of a conclusion. It was certainly not one that resulted in a new Eevee evolution reveal as fans were speculating. This has been a frustrating through line for fans of the anime, as Chloe’s arc seems to be in an odd spot as Pokemon Journeys (now in its third season called Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series) is nearing its conclusion. Her storyline has felt a bit aimless, while the other main characters in the series, Ash Ketchum and Goh, have had more consistent direction over the show’s run.

Fan reactions have ranged from disappointment to confusion, but some are also coping with Chloe and Eevee’s stagnation by laughing through the pain.

At any rate, Pokemon Journeys still has a few episodes left where Chloe and Eevee might get some more definitive direction. Heck, there might be a chance Chloe’s Eevee could transform into Gigantamax Eevee, which has yet to show up in the anime, and is only achievable in Pokemon Sword & Shield by an Eevee that can’t evolve. But even so, it does seem like the characters aren’t being utilized to show a new evolutionary line for Eevee that would debut in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Eevee did get some spotlight in the Pokemon Presents showcase, however, as one of the Pokemon using the new Tera Crystal mechanic that will debut in the RPGs when they launch on November 18.