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Ash's Original Voice Actor Returns to Pokemon for Deep Dive Audiobook

Veronica Taylor voiced the character until 2005.

It’s been 17 years since Veronica Taylor portrayed Ash Ketchum, the protagonist of the Pokemon anime, and yet, for a lot of older fans, her performance is still pretty ingrained in their minds. That’s not a diss against Sarah Natochenny, who took on the English role in 2005, but when you grow up hearing one voice for several years, it tends to stick with you. But Taylor has putting her old Ash voice to work on online videos here and there, thus has kept an association with the franchise even after she stopped voicing the main character in any official capacity. That’s now extending into an audiobook about Pokemon’s impact, as it’s been announced Taylor will perform the reading of Monster Kids: How Pokémon Taught a Generation to Catch Them All.

Ash's Original Voice Actor Returns to Pokemon for Deep Dive AudiobookMonster Kids is a book about the impact of the Pokemon franchise by Daniel Dockery, who announced on Twitter that Taylor will be providing her vocal talents to the audiobook when it launches on October 4. Publisher Running Press’ online page for the book describes the book as “an in-depth look at the franchise’s many branches of impact and influence,” and features interviews about how the series went from a pair of Game Boy RPGs into the worldwide phenomenon it is today.

I’ve started gravitating toward audiobooks myself because they let me “read” books while doing other things, and voice actors I enjoy providing doing the reading has gotten me to listen to a book I would’ve had a harder time getting around to before. Maybe come October I’ll be feeling nostalgic and want to hear the old voice of Ash Ketchum talking about Pokemon again.

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In the meantime, Pokemon fans have something else to look forward to this week, as a new Pokemon Presents showcase is set to air on Wednesday, August 3, and there’s reason to believe it might include the reveal of a new Eevee evolution.

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