Outriders Triples the Marvel’s Avengers Peak Steam Player Count at Launch

Outsellers? Maybe.

While both Marvel’s Avengers and Outriders — the new co-op RPG shooter from developer People Can Fly — are published by Square Enix, there’s already a massive statistical difference between them. Only a few hours after its April 1 launch, Outriders had triple the amount of all-time peak Steam players for Marvel’s Avengers. It must be a pleasant surprise for Square Enix considering the ineffective launch of the latter despite belonging to one of the most popular IPs in the world.

The new looter shooter has been greeted with a big and eager player base — so much so that the game has been experiencing constant technical issues since its launch. (You can see the latest updates over at the Outriders Twitter account, where the team is doing a great job of providing transparency and constant communication.) Nonetheless, its launch is undoubtedly successful, especially when compared to Marvel’s Avengers’ numbers.

On launch day, Outriders amassed over 109,000 peak players on Steam. As of the writing of this article, over 114,000 people are playing it. It has had a 24-hour peak of over 114,000 players and hit its all-time peak right before I checked its SteamDB page.

Comparatively, Marvel’s Avengers had nearly 28,000 players at launch. Its 24-hour peak was 1,557 players and it hit its all-time peak at 31,165 Steam players. As of the writing of this article, it has 1,299 players on PC. While perhaps more of its player base exists on consoles, similarly could be said for Outriders. That’s without considering the additional fact that Outriders is available on PC not just over at Steam, but also the Epic Games Store.

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Recently, News Editor Imran Khan revisited Marvel’s Avengers six months after launch. Last month, the game got a new character, a new campaign titled Future Imperfect, and a next-gen version. Yet, he found that it remains lackluster and continues to fulfill its potential. While combat is still the best it’s ever been, it’s still nowhere near the best it can be. The game needs more (and different) content to achieve the fresh feeling it’s aiming for. Only time will tell if it gets the chance to do that. In November, Square Enix reported that it had lost 6.5 billion yen after the release of Marvel’s Avengers — approximately almost $63 million.

It might be a while before we see Outriders’ numbers, but it’s safe to say it’s already the western looter shooter that has performed better for its publisher. While Outriders is meant to be “complete” at launch, the developers are “definitely” open to doing more things in the universe.

“We have so many more stories to tell, and a lot of ideas we want to explore that we couldn’t fit in the original game, so we’re happy to create more content in the future,” says Creative Director Bartek Kmita in a Forbes interview. “Anything we would make would be in the form of significant expansions with self-contained stories.”

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Outriders is available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC (Steam and Epic Games Store), and Google Stadia. It is also on Xbox Game Pass.