New Horror Title Abandoned Coming to PlayStation 5

Leverage all your teraflops for creepy looking woods.

Hot off the presses of the PlayStation blog, a new horror title has been revealed coming exclusively to the PlayStation 5 later this year. Abandoned is a spooky game about being, well, abandoned in a forest and having to fight to escape it. Apparently.

Abandoned is developed by Blue Box Game Studios, which has only published a PS4 game titled Rewind: Voices of the Past. Their website lists three other unannounced games, of which presumably Abandoned is one.

The post is light on details, as the game is still apparently quite early in development despite a target date of Q4 2021, which is like… six-to-eight months away. Still, the early screenshots look neat, and it’s a next-gen game that does not seem to have a last-gen version in the works. Leveraging the new console tech for horror sounds like it has a lot of potential.

Anyway here’s a teaser trailer of some trees.

The blog entry describes the game as being very deliberate in how it uses weapons and ammo, so hiding and taking accurate shots is paramount. Being out of breath makes shots less accurate, meaning that the survival aspect of survival-horror will be pretty important to the gameplay.

The game comes out, as mentioned, in the last quarter of 2021. It’s hard to tell if Abandoned is early or they’re just being coy about development, but it’s always good to get a more complete picture of what next-gen systems will have this year.