Check Out New FFXIV 6.2 Hairstyles, Hrothgar Get Their Ears Back

What’s that, Hrothgar can hear once again since their hair doesn’t cover their ears?

It’s hard being Hrothgar in Final Fantasy XIV sometimes. Not only have male Viera utterly dominated in popularity, but Hrothgar also can’t wear certain headgear pieces, limiting their glamour options. On top of that, the lion boys have fewer standard cosmetic options compared to other races.

These issues came to a head when the FFXIV team revealed that Hrothgar were getting a few more hairstyles with Patch 6.1. The excitement was short-lived, however, when Hrothgar players noticed that the new hairstyles actually removed their ears entirely. Players preferred the ears to simply clip through the hairstyles, as they do on some NPCs already.

It seems the FFXIV team has heard your lament, Hrothgar. One of the changes in the new patch notes is simply, “The hairstyles for Hrothgar added in Patch 6.1 have been adjusted to show their ears.” There’s even a screenshot so you can compare the change, shown above. Now, we all truly can be scene kids.

Other Additional Hairstyles Coming in Patch 6.2

Oh right. Other races exist too in FFXIV. There are a few more hairstyles coming in Patch 6.2. First up, you can get yourself a slick ponytail, as seen above on the male Elezen, though there’s no word whether the style will come with Estinien’s expensive hairtie. There is another ponytail hairstyle that’s a bit more wavy, which you can see on the female Roegadyn.

Male and female Viera also get new hairstyles. There’s a fairly standard short cut, as seen on the male Viera. (Where’s the male Viera version of the Hyur buzzcut, y’all?) Finally, you can get twin pigtails, as seen on the female Viera, so you can do your very best Wendy’s glam. These additions aren’t a ton, but every little bit counts!

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