Loporrits Hack the FFXIV Twitter Account, Tweetingway Goes HAM

This is what happens when you let a bunch of little rabbits access your home planet's technology.

If you woke up and checked your Twitter feed on this blessed day of June 14, 2022, you would’ve found the Loporrits taking over the official Final Fantasy XIV Twitter account. Yes, Tweetingway weaseled their way into the account and got Twitter-fingers (or paws? what do rabbits have?). It seems the adorable little rabbits introduced in Endwalker don’t have much to do these days, which is a good thing, because we wouldn’t have survived without them!

Who knows how long the takeover will last before the FFXIV social media team tracks down Tweetingway to shut ’em down, but for now, let’s recap the chaos so far.

Tweetingway is making the most of this opportunity. In one poll, 42.4% of fans decided that Tweetingway should have a Crimson Carrot for lunch, and then the Loporrit proceeded to post video evidence of they’re lunch. They asked folks what their Loporrit name would be and asked for help finding Puddingway (who’s probably deep in the pantry at Bestways Burrow). They also asked how to delete a tweet and how to use emoji, and I don’t think they realize that this isn’t Google quite yet.

One of the legitimately cool aspects to the whimsical Twitter takeover is the fact that the account has been retweeting Loporrits fanart. It’s been great to see all the adorable work from artists who are deep inĀ FFXIV, showcasing their vision of Tweetingway eating carrots and tweeting from the chaos from a Tomestone Phone. Absolutely love to see it, and you should check it all out on the FFXIV account.

This is the kind of hard-hitting reporting you can expect from us at The Linkshell, and you can thank us later. We can’t wait to see how far this will go. Tweetingway, if you see this, please tell us what it’s been like to have all that power.

loporrits ffxiv takeover
No one rabbit should have all that power.

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