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Final Fantasy XIV's Next Expansion "Dawntrail" Announced at Fan Festival

New adventures await in the New World.

Final Fantasy XIV's Fan Festival opened with a trailer for the next installation in the Warrior of Light's journey, Dawntrail. Adventures await in a new land, accompanied by plenty of familiar faces in Patch 7.0.

The trailer showed off the Scions of the Seventh Dawn fans have come to know and love in the setting of the western New World, Tural. The Warrior of Light's comrades, Y'shtola and Thancred, are seen dutifully at work, while Urianger, Alisae and G'raha are partaking in the scenery and delicious-looking food.

The Warrior of Light travels to this far-off destination, hearing rumors of a legendary city of gold, where FFXIV director and producer Naoki "Yoshi-P" Yoshida announced that the Scions would be split into two groups in a contest to find a fabled golden throne. With the story of Hydalaen and Zodiark now over, players can expect a change of pace from world-ending calamities and what Yoshi-P refers to as "the perfect summer vacation."

New cities and settlements were shown off, such as the new capital Tuliyollal, the mountain region Urqopacha, and the thick forest region Yak T'el. Among the few screenshots shown of these locations, Yoshi-P pointed out the graphical updates expected to come with Patch 7.0, showcasing higher-resolution textures, new shadows, and high-fidelity foliage. Dawntrail will offer both new stories for the Warrior of Light and an improved visual experience from everything experienced before.

The Pelupelu, a masked group of entrepreneurs, were also shown as one of the new Beast Tribes that players will encounter and increase their reputation with for rewards that have yet to be announced.

ffxiv dawntrail.jpg

Following previous expansions, Dawntrail will include two new jobs. While Yoshi-P did not mention details on the specifics, he did inform fans that they will both be the DPS role, one physical melee, and the other ranged caster. 

While the next expansion is still in development, fans were given brief glimpses of the future of Final Fantasy XIV. Dawntrail is set to release in the summer of 2024, so fans can expect more details and information in the coming year.

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