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Final Fantasy XIV Is Finally Coming to Xbox

FFXIV makes the jump to Xbox.

After years of console exclusivity on PlayStation, Final Fantasy XIV is finally coming to the Xbox platforms. At FFXIV Fan Festival 2023 in Las Vegas, Phil Spencer took to the stage with Naoki Yoshida to announce the new version of the game. Launching on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, the game will support 4k resolution on Series X with faster loading on both.

The game will launch digitally in Spring 2024, meaning it'll be released before the new Dawntrail expansion. Those who want to get their hands on it can test an open beta sometime in Patch 6.5X.

ffxiv xbox.png

FFXIV released on PlayStation 3 way back in 2013 and then on PlayStation 4 in 2014. It wasn't until 2021 that it made the upgrade to PlayStation 5. There had been questions about when the game would make the jump to the Microsoft platform, especially with all of the talk surrounding the Microsoft acquisition of Activision-Blizzard and the war over console exclusive titles. The Final Fantasy franchise has been hotly contested in the past with Final Fantasy XIII being the first major release on Xbox.

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