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Final Fantasy XIV gets a surprise new hairstyle in Patch 6.45

Style options just got a little better.

With new Final Fantasy XIV patches, comes new content such as dungeons, trials, and side content for fans of all backgrounds to enjoy. There is no exception with Patch 6.45, which brought Blue Mage content, a new Variant Dungeon, Manderville Relic Weapons. Along with all those new goodies, fans are also getting a new hairstyle.

There are always some smaller things in patches that director and producer of FFXIV Naoki Yoshida doesn’t go over in Letters from the Producers Live, and is a surprise when patch notes are released. This time around it was a new hairstyle that will be made available. At the time of writing, it is unclear where the hairstyle will be obtained from, but players are always excited to see new hairstyle options come to the game.

This hairstyle is one that players have reacted positively to since the patch notes announced it just after maintenance began for Patch 6.45. The new locks are a windswept looking short cut that can be worn an both male and female characters. It is unclear whether the hairstyle will be available for Hrothgar and Viera, two races which usually get shafted on new hair releases. The photo used to show players the new style includes a Miqo’te and Hyur, so fans are already wondering if the two usual suspects will be left out of the new option.

Image via Square Enix

There were also some other smaller things that were added with Patch 6.45, including a new mount, minion, fashion accessory, emote, and a kimono style outfit. There are also likely some new additions not listed in the patch notes that players will discover when they’re able to jump into the game and discover them. Those items will be added to the patch notes at a later time.

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