Final Fantasy VII Remake is on PS Plus in March with a Big Caveat

Don't expect to use it to play the upcoming Intergrade content.

Sony has announced that Final Fantasy VII Remake is headlining March’s free PlayStation Plus offerings. While that might sound exciting, given that Square-Enix just announced a new add-on to the game in the form of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, there are a few catches here to be aware of.

First of all, for those who aren’t aware, Intergrade is a whole package of new content for the game, including a photo mode, updated visuals, and a new chapter focusing on Yuffie, a character who was notably absent from the game last year. Which made sense, as she wasn’t part of the segment of story that first game covered. However, all of this will only be available in the PlayStation 5 upgrade the game is getting on June 10. So, obviously, if you’re playing Final Fantasy VII Remake on a PS4 you won’t get access to this stuff anyway. But Square-Enix has already confirmed folks who own the PS4 version can freely upgrade to Intergrade. So problem solved, right? Well…not quite.

Sony confirmed on the PlayStation Blog that the PS Plus version of Final Fantasy VII Remake isn’t eligible for Square-Enix’s free upgrade plan. It makes a level of sense, as Square-Enix obviously wants to sell new copies of its updated game. And, if nothing else, putting the game on Plus is the best way to advertise the full priced $70 video game with additional content that is coming up in a few months. But Intergrade being a whole other video game product rather than an add-on feels like a missed opportunity. Or, well, if I want to be cynical, a cash grab to make people buy a whole copy of a game for additional content. I don’t have a ton of compulsion to go back to Final Fantasy VII Remake myself, but if I could have bought Intergrade as a separate thing I might’ve played through Yuffie’s story. Now I just feel like I’ll watch it on YouTube or something.

In other news:

Alongside Final Fantasy VII Remake, PS Plus subscribers can also get Remnant: From the Ashes on PS4, Farpoint for PS VR, and Maquette on PS5. The last of which is actually coming to PlayStation Plus on its launch date. So that’s a cool, new video game you can own as a subscriber. It even has some major talent in its voice cast, including Jurassic World actress Bryce Dallas Howard.

Also here is Destruction Allstars, which is one month into its extended stay as a free game for subscribers.