FFXIV Team Posts Official Lyrics For “Dedicated to Moonlight”

If you want to jam alongside the Euphrosyne track, the FFXIV team has the lyrics.

If you play Final Fantasy XIV, you already know about the excellent soundtrack. The music, composed by Masayoshi Soken and others, is a highlight of the game, with a host of new songs and loving remixes of classic Final Fantasy tracks. One thing the sound team nails is making sure every raid goes out on a high note.

If you’ve tackled the latest Alliance Raid, Euphrosyne, then you’ve enjoyed the latest banger, “Dedicated to Moonlight”. The track accompanies the Menphina fight, where you face off against the goddess of love and her wolf companion, Dalamud. It’s a jam, destined to stand alongside some of the best tracks in FFXIV.

Now you can sing along to “Dedicated to Moonlight,” as the FFXIV team has released the official lyrics for the track. “One can’t help but be overtaken by the delicate yet playful nature of the song, especially near the end with the exquisite fiddle rhythm,” wrote FFXIV community representative Danielle “Okieeomi” Grafft in the post.

The release of the lyrics follows the release of another downloadable mini-album for Endwalker. The mini-album includes “Dedicated to Moonlight” and “Forged in Crimson,” the soundtrack for the Mount Ordeals trial. The mini-album is available on Apple Music and Amazon Music for $4.95.