FFXIV Team May Let Adventurer Plates Show Up in Dungeons

Adventurer Plates are still in beta, but the dev team might have them pop up in other forms of content.

We’ve already said that Adventurer Plates were one of the best new features in Patch 6.1. These forum signature-esque profiles give players a new way to express themselves within Final Fantasy XIV, creating portraits that are colorful, humorous, or even a little sexy. If Glamour shows off one side of a character, then Adventurer Plates can show off another.

Currently, they only appear when you look at other player’s Plates directly, or if you queue up for a match of Crystalline Conflict. According to a recent interview with FFXIV creative director and lead producer Naoki Yoshida, however, the Plates might be integrated into other pieces of content.

Yoshida talked about the potential expansion to Gamer (translated from Japanese via Reddit user MKillerby). In the interview, he states that the dev team is going to experiment with bringing Adventurer Plates into other content. This implementation will start with four-player dungeons and the FFXIV team is trying to do so without interrupting the current player experience.

Perhaps the Plates could pop up during the opening pan of the dungeon? Maybe add a few seconds to the beginning or the end to showcase who you’re running a dungeon with? We could also see the Plates appearing in eight-player content as well. Anything above that and you could see that Plates could be kind of a mess. Imagine the Plate profile images popping up at the beginning of Aglaia!

More Plates in more places we say! We look forward to the FFXIV team improving the feature and moving it out of beta in the future. Perhaps we can expect some new customization options in Patch 6.15 and beyond?

If you still haven’t customized your own, be sure to check our Adventurer Plate guide to let fellow players know who your Warrior of Light really is. And if you haven’t yet, consider jumping into the new Crystalline Conflict PVP mode where everybody is flexing their Plates, too.