FFXIV Community Wonders If Mysterious Reaper is Another Warrior of Light

The trailer for Patch 6.2 offers a glimpse at a brand-new character that has fans theorizing.

Today during the Live Letter from the Producer, the Final Fantasy XIV team showed off a new trailer for the upcoming Patch 6.2. In addition to new looks at the Island Sanctuary and the new Variant dungeons, the trailer also highlights ongoing storylines in the main scenario. 

Players who have caught up in Patch 6.1 already know that the Warrior of Light and former Scions are looking into the Void once again. There’s a voidtear under the seas of Thavnair, a door into the Thirteenth itself. Not only has Zenos’ former voidsent pact appeared, but a group that looked like Golbez and the Four Fiends showed up. The latter antagonists were confirmed with the appearance of Final Fantasy IV’s Scarmiglione as the boss of the new dungeon, the Fell Court of Troia.

Against the backdrop of the shattered Thirteenth, there also appeared a mysterious female Reaper. We don’t yet know if she’ll be a friend or foe, but she is shown walking toward Zenos’ voidsent briefly. 

What’s interesting is some players are wondering if this new character is another shard Azem, a member of the Convocation of Fourteen. The player’s Warrior of Light is the facet of Azem tied to the Source, while Ardbert of the Warriors of Darkness was the counterpart from The First. Ardbert is based on the “default” Hyur Warrior of Light shown in the opening cinematics for each expansion, known colloquially as “Meteor”.

On Twitter, some are speculating that the new Reaper is a version of “Comet,” and therefore the Thirteenth’s version of Azem. 

FFXIV Meteor and Comet Midlander

Who is Comet? Well, there was also briefly a default female Hyur Warrior of Light. The male iteration is actually an extension of character art from Final Fantasy XI and if you look to the left in this promotional art, you’ll see the female version. There were two high-quality CG busts for the male and female Midlander released as promo art for Final Fantasy XIV by Square Enix in 2015, but only the male iteration made it into the opening cinematic. The latter render is referred to by some players as “Comet”.

Certainly, the existence of Ardbert points to there being a version of Azem in each Shard. And given that the Warrior of Light and Ardbert can look vastly different, it’s likely that one iteration is female. Making this new character an iteration of Comet could be a fun throwback and deep cut for long-time fans. What do you think? Is this femWoL’s time to shine?

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