FFXIV Patch 6.3 Maintenance Schedule and Timer; When Will FFXIV Go Offline

FFXIV will be offline for scheduled maintenance to implement Patch 6.3. Here's when the game will be live again.

Another patch day is upon us in Final Fantasy XIV. With FFXIV Patch 6.3, we’re getting a ton of new content and quality-of-life improvements in the critically acclaimed MMORPG. Most of those details are available in the official patch notes published on The Lodestone. This also means an eight-hour FFXIV maintenance period is scheduled before the update goes live.

As per usual, FFXIV will be taken offline to implement the new patch. As the in-game message and The Lodestone stateFFXIV will be offline for Patch 6.3 maintenance starting on January 9 at 6:00 p.m. PT / 9:00 p.m. ET and is expected to finish on January 10 at 2:00 a.m. PT / 5:00 a.m. ET. (Note that the world visit and data center travel systems will be disabled 30 minutes before maintenance starts.)

As for what’s coming to Patch 6.3, well, we can start with the next 24-player raid in the Myths of the Realm alliance raid series. If you haven’t cleared the first instance, Aglaia, now would be a good time to do that since it’s required to unlock Euphrosyne. The main story continues with new MSQ content, including a new dungeon called Lapis Manalis and a trial boss fight that remains a secret.

Additionally, you can take part in new quests in Tataru’s Grand Endeavor, battle in the new PVP arena The Clockwork Castletown, or rack up MGP in the new Sylphstep course in the Leap of Faith GATE. There are plenty of new mounts, minions, and gear and glam to earn — and several existing gear pieces will no longer be gender-locked.

The next Ultimate raid, The Omega Protocol, will be live in the coming weeks with Patch 6.31. Much more is lined up with FFXIV Patch 6.35 which should release sometime in March. That patch will feature new Hildibrand quests, relic weapon upgrades, Loporrits Tribal quests, and the much-anticipated Deep Dungeon called Eureka Orthos.

We’ll be covering FFXIV Patch 6.3 throughout the coming days with all the important details from the patch notes and guides on how to unlock/access new content in features. You can check out our Live Letter breakdown or head to The Linkshell for all our FFXIV coverage.