FFXIV Patch 6.3 Live Letter Summary, Release Date, Everything We Learned

We got our first look at FFXIV Patch 6.3, launching in early January 2023. Eureka Orthos Deep Dungeon, new MSQ dungeon, tough trials, tons of sidequests, and much more!

The Final Fantasy XIV train keeps on rolling with the 74th Live Letter from the Producer. The livestream with director/producer Naoki Yoshida and community director Toshio Murouchi is part one of a two-part preview for FFXIV Patch 6.3. A whole bunch of new content is planned for FFXIV 6.3, which we outlined previously. But here, we breakdown everything we learned from Live Letter 74.

FFXIV Patch 6.3 is titled “Gods Revel, Lands Tremble” and it’s set to launch in early January. We’re 99.9% sure it’ll be January 10 since Yoshida ruled out January 3 as a release date.

The patch includes the continuation of the main story, additional side quests, a ton of new optional content, the next Deep Dungeon, a whole bunch of tough fights with new high-level trials, and some quality-of-life improvements. Count in a new PVP map, a Gold Saucer update, new Island Sanctuary content, and extra housing and we got ourselves a hefty patch!

The Live Letter was a Japanese-only presentation, but the slides contained English translations. This article also references info is based on the translations by the folks on the FFXIV Reddit Discord channel. You can join the channel and check out all their work translating FFXIV events.

FFXIV Patch 6.3 MSQ Preview

ffxiv patch 6.3 preview screenshot 5

Although no new details were given about what’s happening in the story (understandably), we did get some preview screenshots from cutscenes in FFXIV 6.3 MSQ. Those who are caught up on the current story will recognize Zero, and it seems you’ll continue showing her around the realm. Specifically, you’ll be going back to Garlemald alongside Alisaie and Alphinaud.

New MSQ Dungeon – Lapis Manalis

ffxiv patch 6.3 preview screenshot 4

ffxiv patch 6.3 preview screenshot 3

What’s more exciting is that we got a look at the next MSQ dungeon. It’s called Lapis Manalis and looks like a snowy mountain range with some deep blue caverns. It’ll of course be a four-player level 90 dungeon with Trust support. The Japanese name for the dungeon includes the words “snow mountain” which gives us a hint as to where it could be. Perhaps we’re revisiting Coerthas or going deeper into Garlemald? Check out the preview screenshots above.

Tataru’s Grand Endeavor Continues

ffxiv patch 6.3 preview screenshot 2

Damn Tataru, back at it again with the gold coins. It looks like you’ll be back in Othard with that Hancock dude from the East Aldenard Trading Company. The sidequest series Tataru’s Grand Endeavor continues in Patch 6.3. If you haven’t been keeping up, Patch 6.2’s batch of quests required you to complete the Shadow of Mhach alliance raid series. Be sure to wrap that up if you’re looking forward to more of Tataru’s capitalistic adventures.

Somehow Hildibrand Adventures and Further Manderville Weapons

ffxiv patch 6.3 preview screenshot

ffxiv patch 6.3 preview image

Although you’ll have to wait for Patch 6.35 for it, we’re getting even more Hildibrand content in the near future. As always, you need to be caught up on all the previous Hildibrand quests to take part in the new ones. We’ll also get the next steps in the Manderville relic weapons series with Patch 6.35, and it all looks as goofy as ever.

Loporrits Tribal Quests (Crafting)

ffxiv patch 6.3 loporrits tribals quests

The Loporrits are next in line for the Endwalker Tribal Quests. These will be focused on crafting Jobs (Disciples of the Hand) and taking on tasks for our little rabbit friends. Not much else was said about the Loporrits Tribal Quests.

Euphrosyne, the Next Alliance Raid in Myths of the Realm

Myths of the Realm Euphrosyne Shot 02

We got a sneak peak at the next instance in the Myths of the Realm 24-player alliance raid series. This new raid is called Euphrosyne and will continue the god-defying adventures established in Aglaia. The preview screenshots showed a vast golden field with an Yggdrasil-type tree in the background. Yoshida hinted that Nophica will be one of the gods in the next batch in raid story, and given her lore and the screenshot, it makes sense.

There’s also a cutscene teaser showing G’raha Tia dressed as a gleaner with a big ol’ Allagan-type device strapped to his back. I can’t wait to see what silly antics my precious catboy is up to this time! If you want to catch up on the deep lore behind this raid series, check out our feature on the FFXIV gods and Myths of the Realm.

New Normal Trial, Extreme, Sophia Unreal, and Ultimate Raid

No details were given for the upcoming normal and Extreme trial, but at least we know they’re coming in Patch 6.3. Additionally, we’re getting the next Unreal version of the Warring Triad trial series: Sophia. (Her theme song “Equilibrium” is a certified banger.)

Again with the teasers — we were told a new Ultimate raid is on the way, too. Following the Dragonsong Ultimate raid from Patch 6.1, we can expect this one to be hard as hell, reserved for the best FFXIV players.

Eureka Orthos, the New Deep Dungeon

Eureka Orthos Third Deep Dungeon 01

One of the more anticipated pieces of content with FFXIV 6.3 is the next Deep Dungeon. It’s called Eureka Orthos and will be similar to how Palace of the Dead and Heaven-on-High work. These pieces of content are lengthy dungeons with some rogue-like elements consisting of hundreds of procedurally generated floors with their own mechanics and quirks. There are no role restrictions and you can enter with up to four players (although the difficulty does not change).

In order to take part in Eureka Orthos, players will need to have finished Endwalker MSQ and progressed up to floor 50 in Palace of the Dead. You can only enter with combat Jobs at level 81 or higher — like the other Deep Dungeons, this will be a good way to level up alternate Jobs. This will go live with Patch 6.35, so you’ll have to wait a bit after Patch 6.3 drops.

Duty Support Dungeons Up to Stormblood

Patch 6.3 rounds out Heavensward‘s Duty Support updates. You’ll be able to take AI-controlled party members into the rest of the level 60 MSQ dungeons. This includes The Great Gubal Library, The Aetherochemical Research Facility, The Antitower, Sohr Khai, Xelphatol, and Baelsar’s Wall. These dungeons cover the Patch 3.x series leading into Stormblood. (Patch 6.4 will then cover the first batch of Stormblood MSQ dungeons.)

Yoshida mentioned that The Aetherochemical Research Facility is going to be slightly redesigned and hinted at the third boss of the dungeon.

FFXIV Patch 6.3 Job Changes

Although there weren’t any specific details on Job changes in this particular Live Letter, Yoshida did give us a hint for a big upcoming change. He said that Paladin is going to change a lot, and that the FFXIV team has been testing changes. Yoshida will be showing off changes in the next Live Letter, aka part two of the Patch 6.3 preview.

In the past, Yoshida mentioned Dragoon and Astrologian getting revamped in Patch 6.2 but said the team had to delay those changes to Patch 6.3. It is unclear if that will still be the case.

FFXIV Patch 6.3 PVP Updates, New Map, and Season

There will also be a bunch of PVP Job changes with Patch 6.3 (even Patch 6.28 included a bunch of PVP Job adjustments). It’ll also mark the beginning of PVP Series Three and Crystalline Conflict Season Five, which means new rewards and progression. We also got a preview of a new Kugane-themed Crystalline Conflict map, which you can see above.

Yoshida mentioned that Cloud Nine is the least popular map and they’ll be adjusting the map rotation so it’s selected less frequently.

New Island Sanctuary Content

Island Sanctuary was one of the biggest additions that came along with Patch 6.2. We had it covered and we’re looking forward to covering it some more because new content is on the way. Patch 6.3 will add more Sanctuary Ranks, Visions (quests), structures to build, items, and rewards. This includes new materials, crops, animals, and Handicrafts. You can check out some of the new animals and a new structure in the preview screenshots above.

Additionally, some Island Sanctuary-specific UI elements are getting revamped. The Workshop menu will be improved (Workshop Agenda, Supply/Demand, and Earnings menus). You will also have an option to collect all your earnings at once to make things easier. Upon catching new animals while having a full Pasture will now give you the option to release an animal instead of forcing you to go back to base to do it. There will be improvements to the visiting system and the way orchestration rolls work on your island.

Notable Miscellaneous Updates for FFXIV Patch 6.3

  • Players deep in Disciples of Hand and/or Land can look forward to new tool enhancement quests in Patch 6.35. There will be new Custom Deliveries as well.
  • Collectability values will be displayed when gathering collectable items.
  • New diving and spearfishing location added to Upper La Noscea zone. This will be the first area in A Realm Reborn to feature diving.

  • Primary fishing locations, preferred bait, and additional conditions will be added to the in-game Fish Guide.
  • A new Treasure Hunt dungeon called Shifting Gymnasion Agonon will be in the Patch 6.3 series. It is based on an Elpis treasure map.
  • The Gold Saucer will get a new Leap of Faith map.
  • Battle UI will include a small icon next to damage numbers to indicate damage type (physical, magic, or unique).

  • Duration for buffs and debuffs will be displayed for allies in the Party List UI element. Yoshida said it’s a response to third-party tools.

  • Adventurer Plates and Portraits will be displayed in PVE duties/instances, which you can see below.

  • Additional actions and animations when using fashion accessories.
  • Cast glamour and dye on Retainer gear without removing gear piece, can do the same for your own gear directly from Retainer inventory.
  • New filter for Sundry Splendors vendors.

Housing Lottery Update

Last but not least, folks on the hunt for in-game housing will get some relief. Patch 6.3 will add new wards for all residential areas (The Empyreum, Shirogane, Lavender Beds, The Mists, and The Goblet). This will consist of six regular wards and six subdivisions for a total of 1,800 new plots per server. These will be sold through the current housing lottery process. (Distribution between Free Company and private plots will be announced at a later time.)