FFXIV Patch 6.11 Release and Maintenance [UPDATED]; New Ultimate and Housing Changes

Dragonsong's Reprise (Ultimate) takes us back to Heavensward for a challenging gauntlet and another reason to hate King Thordan.

As part of the Patch 6.1 cycle for Final Fantasy XIV, several interstitial patches are planned to bring even more new content — and that first one, Patch 6.11, is almost here. The main feature of Patch 6.11 is the new Ultimate duty, Dragonsong’s Reprise. This is a reimagining of several iconic fights from the Heavensward expansion all packed into one challenging raid instance.

Editor’s note (4/22/2022): This article has been updated to reflect new information about FFXIV Patch 6.11’s release time and housing system changes.

FFXIV Patch 6.11 Maintenance Time

Thanks to an update on The Lodestone (FFXIV‘s official site), it’s confirmed that the Patch 6.11 release date is Tuesday, April 26. FFXIV will be offline for a short period to implement the patch — maintenance starts at 11:00 p.m. PT on April 25 and will end at 3:00 a.m. PT on April 26. Maintenance isn’t anything new, so I’m sure we can endure those four hours. FFXIV‘s content schedule has been very consistent over the years, so the “x.11” patch coming two weeks after the “x.1” patch is no surprise.

Dragonsong’s Reprise (Ultimate)

For those who might not be familiar with them, Ultimate-difficulty raids are extremely demanding. This is content specifically geared towards the hardcore FFXIV players. An Ultimate pits a party of eight players against four (4) Savage/Extreme style bosses in a row, one after the other. They must all be defeated in this one instanced duty, and a party wipe means starting all over again. That sounds punishing, and that’s because it is. Like the official FFXIV account said, don’t forget your food and potions because you don’t wanna be caught slippin’.

Ultimates are always based on previous content with a wild remixing of mechanics and phases to surprise you, and we’re excited to see how the big fights of Heavensward are recreated. So far, we’ve seen Hraesvelgr and Nidhogg as a tag team on the Steps of Faith as teased in a Live Letter. And of course, we expect to take down that dillweed King Thordan and his Knights of the Round once more.

Two of them.

Patch Notes and Housing Lottery Fixes

In a blog post on The Lodestone, director and producer Naoki Yoshida stated that Patch 6.11 will not include fixes to the recent housing lottery bugs. The FFXIV team has created a fix but will need more time to ensure it works properly. In the meantime, housing purchases and relocation will be temporarily suspended once Patch 6.11 goes live. It is highly suggested for players who won in the housing lottery to claim their plot and finalize the purchase before the April 25 maintenance.

Ultimately, Patch 6.11 isn’t going to have content most players will flock toward, but it may also include some more minor tweaks and bug fixes. We’ll be sure to provide an update when the FFXIV 6.11 patch notes come out.

Don’t fret, as Patch 6.1 is still filled with new content to play through — some of which we haven’t gotten to yet either. We took care of the big stuff, though. If you need help with any of the dope new features in the game, we have you covered with our Aglaia alliance raid guide, Endsinger EX guide, Alzadaal’s Legacy guide, new 6.1 endgame gear guide, breakdown of all the Job changes, and so much more. And if you want some heavier reading, check out our insights on the FFXIV 6.1 MSQ and the story behind the gods in the Aglaia raid.