FFXIV Maintenance Timer and Schedule for Patch 6.21 (Sept 2022) [UPDATED]

It's time for more FFXIV maintenance. This time the game is going offline to implement Patch 6.21 on September 12.

UPDATE (9/12/2022): The Lodestone has published the official patch notes. We now have our own FFXIV 6.21 patch notes summary. We breakdown the Job changes, tweaks to Pandaemonium Savage raid difficulty, and bug fixes. The original article on FFXIV maintenance, published on September 9, 2022, follows.

Aww snap, here we go again. Final Fantasy XIV has another patch coming soon, which means it’s time for some FFXIV maintenance. Although we don’t know much about it at this time, we expect Patch 6.21 to be a relatively minor update. We feasted with Patch 6.2 not too long ago, so we may see things like bug fixes and balance changes.

According to The Lodestone, FFXIV maintenance starts September 12 at 7:00 p.m. PT / 10:00 p.m. ET and ends on September 13 at 3:00 a.m. PT / 6:00 a.m. ET. This means the game will be offline during that time. Surely, you can survive this eight-hour drought. Just make sure you’re not in the middle of some story heavy stuff or progging the latest Savage raids on that night. Note that world visit and data center travel systems will be disabled 30 minutes before maintenance starts as well.

Once the patch notes are available, we’ll have our own FFXIV 6.21 patch notes summary to breakdown all the changes. Nothing on the official FFXIV special site indicates new content with Patch 6.21. But we won’t have to wait long for more.

We can expect FFXIV Patch 6.25 sometime in October 2022. It will feature the new Tribal Quests with the Omicron on Ultima Thule, which focuses on gathering — get your Disciples of the Land ready. We will also get our first Variant and Criterion Dungeon in Patch 6.25, a new type of content featuring dungeons with multiple paths and variable difficulty. Last but not least, Patch 6.25 brings a new wave of Hildibrand Quests which is tied to the Endwalker series of relic weapons.

In the meantime, check out our Island Sanctuary guides to make sure your island is running optimally. If you still haven’t cleared the new Extreme Trial, use our Storm’s Crown EX guide. And if you’re looking to start up the new tier of Savage raids, pull up our Abyssos Fifth Circle Savage (P5S) guide.