FFXIV is the GOAT for Streaming Farm Animals to Promote Island Sanctuary

Get in the mood for Island Sanctuary in Patch 6.2 by watching real farm animals go about their days on the official FFXIV Twitch channel?

Island Sanctuary is one of the most-anticipated pieces of new content coming to Final Fantasy XIV. After what feels like ages of hearing about it and getting new information through teasers, it’s finally going to be in our hands on August 23 when FFXIV Patch 6.2 goes live. Director and producer Naoki Yoshida showed off Island Sanctuary with a live gameplay demo during the latest Live Letter stream, which we covered in detail. But the FFXIV team decided that it was not enough to promote this new Harvest Moon-style addition.

To get us in the zone and truly in the mood for building our farm, growing our crops, and caring for animals, the official FFXIV Twitch channel is streaming live video feed from the Mudchute Farm in London. Appropriately dubbed Mogchute Farm, this will be going on all week with “feeds, frolics, and festivities to lead up to Island Sanctuary’s release.” The stream plays the housing ward theme song “Where The Heart Is” on repeat as it switches cameras every minute or so to check on the other animals. This certainly isn’t what we would predict as a way to promote new FFXIV content, but we respect it.

It’s not all for self-promotion, of course. Mudchute is also a local charity in East London that takes care of farm animals and its surrounding park space. Since they don’t charge admission to visit the park and farm, they rely on donations. Hell of a collaboration, innit.

What is Island Sanctuary?

If you haven’t been keeping up, Island Sanctuary is a brand-new content type coming to FFXIV where players cultivate the land of their own instanced island zone. You’ll switch between different modes and tools to take on different tasks like harvesting, crafting, building, and herding animals.

ffxiv island sanctuary gameplay preview live letter stream

There is a path of progression as you expand your facilities, level up, and become a bigger operation. Eventually, you’ll be able to craft handicrafts and sell them on the market for the Island Sanctuary-exclusive Scrips. NPCs populate the island and will help you take care of tasks for the right price. You can also let your minions run free as you live the good life.

Although the content revolves around crafting and gathering, players do not need any Disciples of Hand or Land experience to jump into Island Sanctuary. However, you will have to shoulder the responsibility of raising animals and growing crops; although it is a far cry from the raids and battles in the Void we have lined up for Patch 6.2. Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two by watching the Mogchute Farm animals hang out.