FFXIV Gets Fun Animated Starter Guides for New Players

Meet Mayra and Kaz, who want to guide new players through the early hours of FFXIV.

It can be hard to get into a new game. We here at the Linkshell have many guides to help you with various facets of Final Fantasy XIV. Whether you want to know how to level fast, get the best endgame gear, or dive into the latest raids, we have you covered.

Folks who are just starting out in FFXIV need help too, however. While we have guides to help you there as well, sometimes it’s great to get that help from another source. An official one in this case!

The FFXIV team recently uploaded a whole Starter Guide series on YouTube alongside a special website. The series is seven episodes and covers creating a character, questing, FATEs, and tackling your first dungeons.

Veteran Scholar and mentor Mayra guides brand-new catboy Kaz through this early chunk of FFXIV. In the process, the pair also teaches new players about a number of concepts that might otherwise confuse them. The best part is Mayra and Kaz are wonderfully animated in the guide series, so neophytes have something fun to look at while they’re learning.

The Starter Guide series is available on YouTube in English, French, and German. The webpage for the Guide Series links to each video, depending on your location. There’s no indication whether the FFXIV team will expand the series into other languages. Still, if you have friends who are just getting into the game, these videos should help.

Honestly, I’d love to see this animation style used for other videos, whether that’s more appearances by Marya and Kaz, or perhaps interesting side stories with the FFXIV cast. Imagine a webseries akin to Academia Eorzea featured on YouTube? Either way, more FFXIV content is always a good thing.

Speaking of content, Patch 6.2 is right around the corner! We’ll be covering the upcoming Live Letter from the Producer this Friday, giving you a ton more details on everything coming in the patch. Hopefully, this will include new details on the new Island Sanctuary, new dungeons, and perhaps a bigger highlight on Abyssos, the new wing of the Pandemonium raid series.