FFXIV Frees More Gear From the Gender Lock

Another patch, another set of gear that can be worn by either gender.

Look, Patch 6.2 for Final Fantasy XIV is filled to the brim with new stuff. We have a new wing of the Pandaemonium raid! We have Island Sanctuary! We have new story quests, a new MSQ dungeon, a new unknown Trial, and a new Unreal Trial

That said, glamour is truly the real endgame. For all you glamour fiends out there, one of the most exciting changes is the FFXIV team removing gender locks on certain gear. Gear that used to be wearable by male or female characters is being shifted over; players can wear these unlocked items on characters of either gender. 

Patch 6.1 had a whole chunk of previously gender-locked gear being changed over to unlocked status. This round seems to be focused on Stormblood-era gear available on the Online Store. The newly-unlocked items include:

That’s four full gear sets from the Online Store that can be worn by either gender now. If you’ve wanted to put your Au Ra lady in a stylish Far Eastern Officer’s Uniform, you can now. If your Hrothgar would look stunning in the Eastern Socialite’s Cheongsam, enjoy yourself. 

Patch 6.2 is coming on August 23, which is only a week away! You can read all about the all-new Island Sanctuary, brand-new gear, and perhaps a little speculation about where the story is going and what the patch’s continued Final Fantasy IV references could mean.