FFXIV Team Firms Up Next Expansion Story, Krile Getting More Focus

The writers for Final Fantasy XIV have left their internal huddle with a concept for the next expansion.

Right now, the Final Fantasy XIV community is deep into Patch 6.2. If you’re caught up (minor spoilers ahead), the patch storyline sees the Scions heading into the Void to find Vrtra’s sister and solve the problem of travel between worlds. While there, the Warrior of Light is facing off against Golbez and his Four Fiends. 

The FFXIV team has already said that, unlike previous post-patch storylines, the 6.x story will definitively conclude before heading into the next expansion. In a recent episode of the Japanese FFXIV podcast, From Eorzea With Love (Episode 393), Yoshida and Krile voice actor Nanjou Yoshino talked about Patch 7.0 a bit. 

According to a translation of a Livedoor blog on the episode by Reddit user MKillerby, the narrative team behind FFXIV just finished their writers’ retreat for the next expansion. The team also had the same retreat for Endwalker in the second half of 2019, and the expansion launched a year later, so that gives us some idea of the potential launch timing for the next expansion: potentially late 2023. This would also line up closely with the development cycle and patch cadence for FFXIV (although we should expect a bigger gap between 6.5 and 7.0). The team said that the key art for 7.0 has already been ordered as well.

More importantly, it sounds like the promise of more focus on Krile is coming in Patch 7.0! Yoshida said that the team was going to put more shine on the forgotten Scion way back in January 2022. Krile does factor into the storyline of the Alliance raid, Aglaia, but she’s not quite a full focus since you’re busy defying the Twelve in that storyline. The Baldesion heiress will also be getting a new look, after sporting the same Pikachu coat since her first appearance in Patch 3.1.

Of course, Patch 7.0 is still a long ways away. In the near term, we can expect Patch 6.21 next week and Patch 6.25 sometime in October 2022. The latter patch will add new Tribal Quests with the Omicron on Ultima Thule, Variant and Criterion Dungeons, and the all-new Endwalker series of relic weapons.