FFXIV: Endwalker Expansion Gets More Tomestone & Scrip Changes

Nothing too surprising here, folks, but make sure to know which currencies to spend and which to trade up.

FFXIV players better spend those Tomestones and Scrips soon. Some of the old currencies are being replaced with Endwalker, as the expansion cycle comes for our virtual wallets once again.

Namely your Tomestones of Allegory, Tomestones of Revelation, and any Tomestones of Phantasmagoria you were holding onto for some reason will disappear (or otherwise become worthless). Allegory and Revelation will be available to trade into Tomestones of Poetics after Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker launches. Whereas the Phantasmagoria blocks need to be cashed in before the expansion releases.

What the hell does any of this mean? For those that don’t truck with the FFXIV endgame, various “Tomestones” are special currencies available to maxed-out characters. Most folks use them to buy and upgrade better gear. Said gear helps you raid, complete Expert Dungeons, and so on. Though the currencies have a few other uses; Tomestones of Allegory, for instance, are currently needed to buy certain endgame crafting materials.

Nothing lasts forever in FFXIV, though. Each expansion brings new currencies — new treadmills to run — while condensing the old ones. Old Tomestones, which are typically acquired from combat activities, are usually squashed into the ever-present Tomestones of Poetics. You can then spend these on old gear: either for completion’s sake or for potential Glamour options.

All of which is to say that none of this is unexpected. But it’s always nice to have confirmation from developer Square Enix. If, for whatever reason, you’re still holding onto currencies from Stormblood, now is the time to turn them in. You can convert everything else after Endwalker is out.

Speaking of “everything else,” this includes Yellow Crafter’s Scrips and Yellow Gatherer’s Scrips. The unfortunately (but accurately) named coins will convert into White Scrips after Endwalker. Meanwhile, a new type of crafter and gatherer currency will become the new standard. Red Scrips (the holdovers from Stormblood) will be removed completely, so trade those in now to be safe.

Compared to Tomestones of Poetics, these will likely still be worth acquiring right up until the end of Shadowbringers. “Secondary” scrips (which White Scrips will become at the release of Endwalker) are still used to buy things like Materia for overmelding your endgame gear, creating Skysteel Tools (i.e. the supercharged Relic Weapons of the crafting and Gathering world), and so on. Even after a new expansion comes out. I don’t expect that to change this time around.

That’s a lot of oddly named currencies to comprehend. If you’re not already deep in the Shadowbringers endgame, though, you likely don’t need to worry about it. Though it’s as good an excuse as any to remind folks you should be spending those Tomestones of Poetics I know you’ve let build up. For crafters, I recommend buying a bunch of gear you don’t need and just desynthesizing all of it. Get those levels up! Or buy some mostly useless combat Materia and transmute them for a chance at the much more valuable crafting variants.

Whatever your plans, you can exchange the items at Revenant’s Toll in Mor Dhona. This is true now for the older currencies and will become true for the up-to-date currencies after Endwalker releases on Nov. 23, 2021. In the meantime, you can find one of our own Endwalker previews (and links to more) by reading up about the new Reaper and Sage Jobs, upcoming locations, and our story impressions!