FFXIV Endwalker Will Have Role Quests Like Shadowbringers With Some Tweaks

Players will have five questlines for each type of Job role, but will not be tied to main story progression.

As part of the latest Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter from the Producer stream, the team went into detail about the return of Role Quests and how they’ll be implemented in the upcoming expansion, Endwalker. These will work similarly to how they did in Shadowbringers, but with some notable changes.

There will be five separate questlines based on roles (of course): Tank, Healer, Melee DPS, Physical Ranged DPS, and Magic DPS. While these will have some important narrative insight, they’ll no longer be required in order to advance the main scenario questline. There also won’t be level 90 Role Quests; the level 80 quests from Shadowbringers were meant to be a narrative conclusion.

Additional Role Quests are planned to be added with Patch 6.1 (the date for when this update goes live is still to be determined). These particular Role Quests will be available for those who complete all five of the questlines in Endwalker, similar to the additional ones in Shadowbringers.

The biggest news from the Live Letter was that the launch of FFXIV: Endwalker has been pushed back to December 3 for early access and December 7 for everyone else; this is a two-week delay from the initial release dates. The team also revealed its post-launch content plans for Endwalker, which included details on 6.01, 6.05, and the Pandaemonium raid series. Check out our hands-on FFXIV: Endwalker preview, too. Foreal.