New Viera Hairstyles Shown for FFXIV Endwalker (New Hrothgar Hair Coming Later)

It's time buns; these new Viera hairstyles coming to FFXIV Endwalker look sick!

It’s been a long-time coming for Viera players in Final Fantasy XIV new hairstyles are coming with the launch of Endwalker. During one segment during the latest Live Letter from the Producer, director and producer Naoki Yoshida did his notorious holding-up-a-printed-screenshot-at-the-camera during the stream to show off the new female Viera hairstyles. And they look real good.

If you’re wondering about the lion boys, don’t fret: new male Hrothgar hairstyles are planned alongside Patch 6.1 (no set date for the update to go live yet). Yoshida-san explained the challenges of designing hairstyles for both races, pointing to their unique designs making it tougher. He also mentioned that the male Viera design had fewer limitations when implementing hairstyles, and we’ll see more of that when male Viera get introduced to character creation alongside Endwalker‘s launch.

While we didn’t get any teases for what’s coming to Hrothgar hairstyles, you can check out all the female Viera hairstyles that’ll be available when 6.0 and Endwalker go live. But before that, make sure you read our stories on the FFXIV Endwalker delay into December, the content planned for Patch 6.01 and 6.05, and all the crafting and gathering changes coming soon. Okay, check out the bunny hairstyles below, including the 2B bunny, 2Bunny. Okay, bye.