FFXIV 6.21 Patch Notes Summary; Job Changes and Savage Raid Difficulty Tweaks

While it's not a major update, FFXIV Patch 6.21 makes some notable adjustments for fellow Tanks and Savage raiders.

Scheduled maintenance for Final Fantasy XIV brings us another update with Patch 6.21. It’s a relatively minor one, but its impact will be felt by certain players. Tank mains, specifically Paladin and Warrior players, got some notable buffs. And those who are working to clear the latest Savage raids got a helping hand. The official FFXIV 6.21 patch notes are now published on The Lodestone, the official FFXIV site. But here, we’ve summarized what you need to know.

FFXIV 6.21 Job Changes

The Job changes for FFXIV 6.21 aren’t necessarily shaking up the meta or anything. However, Paladin and Warrior players got some potency buffs, bringing them closer to the Dark Knight and Gunbreaker in terms of potential damage output.

The core components of these Jobs remain the same. But if you’ve been sticking it out with Paladin and Warrior in harder content, these tweaks should help. These are essentially a continuation of the potency increases both Jobs received with the FFXIV Patch 6.2 Job changes.

Paladin Job Changes

  • Holy Spirit: Base potency increased from 280 to 300, and Requiescat potency increased from 560 to 600.
  • Confiteor: Potency increased from 900 to 1,000.
  • Expiacion: Potency increased from 340 to 420.
  • Blade of Faith: Potency increased from 460 to 480.
  • Blade of Truth: Potency increased from 540 to 560.

Warrior Job Changes

  • Storm’s Path: Base potency increased from 130 to 150, combo potency increased from 410 to 430.
  • Storm’s Eye: Base potency increased from 130 to 150, combo potency increased from 410 to 430.
  • Fell Cleave: Potency increased from 460 to 470.
  • Upheaval: Potency increased from 350 to 360.

Difficulty Adjustment for Abyssos Eighth Circle Savage (P8S)

ffxiv 6.21 patch notes summary savage raid difficulty

With Patch 6.21, the final instance of the Abyssos Savage raid tier has been made slightly easier. Those who have been, and will be, on the cusp of clearing Abyssos: The Eighth Circle Savage (P8S) got some relief. The bosses for both phases of P8S got a 1% reduction in HP.

When you’re fighting against the clock and trying to meet the DPS output required, that 1% of HP can make the difference between clearing and wiping to the enrage. Especially for parties that aren’t running with high-tier “meta” team composition, this will help make clears more attainable. We’re also still in the early weeks of Abyssos Savage, so most players are running these raids with some lower level gear.

According to the FFXIV team, the members involved in testing the fight before launch performed better than usual. It’s said that this is partially due to having more time to test the fight. As a result, it influenced the total HP they gave to the bosses of P8S at launch, which they’ve now said was too high. Turns out the developers are too good at their own game.

P8S is still hard as hell, and undoubtedly the most challenging fight in the Pandaemonium raid series so far. So don’t go thinking you can just walk in and clear it without already handling the mechanics properly. At least the DPS demand isn’t as unforgiving now.

Echo for Asphodelos Savage (P1S – P4S)

Those who are still working through the previous Savage raid tier in Asphodelos also get some assistance. The Echo is now granted to parties entering entering any of the four instances in Asphodelos Savage. This grants a 10% increase to players’ maximum HP, damage output, and healing potency. The buff is set at a fixed rate and does not increase after party wipes, as would be the case in other instances.

If you’ve been thinking about clearing P1S, P2S, P3S, or P4S, now would be a good time to give it a shot. (And you can use our Asphodelos Savage guides while you’re at it.)

FFXIV 6.21 Bug Fixes

There are a handful of rather minor bug fixes in FFXIV 6.21. Many of these address rare glitches with Island Sanctuary. Other fixes involve certain in-game systems not working properly. You can read the full list of bug fixes in the patch notes on the official FFXIV site.

Other FFXIV Matters and What’s Next

While FFXIV 6.21 doesn’t have anything new content-wise, Patch 6.25 certainly will. We expect FFXIV 6.25 to go live sometime in October 2022. We will have new Tribal Quests with the Omicron on Ultima Thule, so make sure you have your gathering Jobs leveled up. We’ll see the first Variant and Criterion Dungeon in Patch 6.25, called The Sil’dih Subterrane — it’s a new type of content featuring dungeons with branching paths and scaling difficulty. Mostly importantly, Patch 6.25 brings us new Hildibrand Quests along with the debut of the Manderville relic weapons.

In the meantime, be sure to check out our Island Sanctuary guides to get your mammets running like well-oiled machines. If you haven’t yet, give the new Extreme Trial a shot and use our Storm’s Crown EX guide. And if you’re looking to start up the new tier of Savage raids, pull up our Abyssos Fifth Circle Savage (P5S) guide.