We’re Doing a 24 Hour Livestream for Charity!

get in losers we're raising money for the bail project

Do you like video games? Do you like the personalities of Fanbyte, Giant Bomb, Polygon, the Washington Post, and Friends at the Table, and more? Do you have a deep distrust of the U.S. Criminal Legal system, particularly the bail part? In that case, we have the thing for you. Come join us this Saturday and Sunday, August 29th and 30th, for Fanbyte’s 24 (Non-Consecutive) Hour Live Stream! We’ll be raising funds for The Bail Project on our Twitch channel in response to the recent upswell of protests in response to police violence.


You’re probably wondering who exactly is going to be on this and when. Well, here’s the schedule! We have an incredible suite of streamers and guests who have graciously agreed to join us and I think it’ll be an incredibly fun and incredibly motivating time for everyone involved.



Why The Bail Project?

Bail is one of the most destructive and cruel parts of the U.S. Criminal Legal system, and this goes doubly so in times of civil unrest and mass demonstration. When a person is charged with a crime bail is posted, if bail cannot be met, said person is held until the time of their trial. In low income communities, missing weeks of work over your inability to post bail can, and often will, lead to a loss of employment, child custody, and future job opportunities. It is an actively punitive system, demolishing the lives of the poor while allowing the wealthy to go free of any real consequences outside of what amounts to a light fine. The Bail Project dedicates itself not only to helping post bail for those who cannot afford it but also for pushing large scale structural change to the criminal legal system. They imagine a world without bail, and its one worth imagining. While this is only one part of the massive effort to demilitarize and reshape public safety in America, their work directly affects the lives of those protesting in the streets.

If you’re unable to protest alongside others, make yourself a part of the support network behind them. Use your time and money to provide the infrastructure we need to make this work. This will be a long and very hard fight, one that we will all need to take part in.

How Can I Participate?

The stream kicks off at 1:00pm on Saturday, but you can head over to our Tiltify page right now to learn more about the fundraiser and donate! The service accepts PayPal and credit cards. Also, no donation is too small! By working together, we can make change.

This Rules, I’m Excited!

Great! We can’t wait to see you in the chat over at twitch.tv/fanbyte this weekend.