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Dragon's Dogma Sequel Announced During Anniversary Event

Capcom's open-world action game is getting a sequel after years of being a quiet critical darling, but no dates have been announced yet.

During Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma anniversary event, the Japanese publisher finally made good on a long-rumored game announcement. Fans of 2012’s Dragon’s Dogma have reason to rejoice as Capcom has revealed Dragon’s Dogma 2, a sequel to the quiet critical darling that has been ported to pretty much every modern platform.

The details were scant during the video, as here’s not much to go on beyond a name and a logo here. But confirmation of existence is probably enough for many fans right now, who assumed the open-world fantasy action game was never going to get a sequel.

There have been rumors to that effect for months now, though. During a ransomware attack that leaked many internal Capcom documents, the existence of a Dragon’s Dogma follow-up — beyond the perhaps ill-fated MMORPG that never came to America — was listed. Today’s announcement confirms that the project seemingly went into production. After finishing Devil May Cry V, Director Hideaki Itsuno went to work on a mystery project, which is likely this game.

The original title is well-loved for its strong combat fundamentals and variety, as well as for presenting an utterly uncompromising open world. Simply being out at night in Dragon’s Dogma could mean death for even an experienced adventurer, and is certain death for a neophyte. The game also had plenty of characters and NPCs that slowly ascended into meme status, like your customizable allies that just keep warning you about wolves even when you’re a level 100 God.

It is unclear why Capcom didn’t just reveal this at the earlier Capcom Showcase this week, which was a little starved for major announcements and even had a segment specifically about Dragon’s Dogma and its anniversary. The only thing I can really figure is that they thought the announcement was too much juice in the middle of the show, but they wanted to end on the new (and releasing sooner, most likely) Resident Evil projects that are going to be significant chunk of this financial year’s earnings. Either way, I suppose.

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