Adventurer Plates Are the Best New Thing in FFXIV Patch 6.1

The new feature kicks player creativity up to a whole new level.

Patch 6.1 is finally live for Final Fantasy XIV. Many players were looking forward to the new Alliance Raid, the new story content, or the additional dungeon. Perhaps you were excited or dismayed by the new job changes. One feature that’s immediately taken off, however, is Adventurer Plates.

These are small calling cards for players, giving others a glimpse into everything you are in FFXIV, including your regular playtimes, your style of play, and even your preferred title. Adventurer Plates are easy to customize, as you simply have to create a portrait, add a colorful background, and select certain profile information. The portrait feature works like the existing Gpose system, letting you quickly set an emote, change lighting, and shift position. You can even save multiple portraits for later use.

Plates can be seen by others if they right-click on your character and select “View Adventurer Plate.” They also appear automatically in the new PVP mode, Crystalline Conflict, when showing off the opposing teams. It’s like parking yourself in the Limsa Lominsa Aetheryte Plaza, but it goes with you everywhere.

Adventurer Plates have led to an explosion of creativity within the FFXIV community. Since they’re not tied to your current look, they let players present a snapshot of who they are. They allow players to express another side of their characters, whether that’s playful, risque, or stoic.

The community is already sharing their Adventurer Plates or showing off the best ones they’ve seen so far. Some have even found some interesting facets of the Portrait system, such as the fact that special weapon effects still animate. It makes for another reason to hunt for those Relic Weapons!

“I am loving seeing the absolute variety that people are coming up with, from a serious take on their character to recreating meme poses, to just bizarre and strange poses, to the (of course) inevitable attempts to show off cleavage and other areas,” said Reddit user Peregrine2967. “Nothing makes me happier than silly little fluff player-driven things like this, and I want it everywhere.”

“Adventurer plates are like the neat signature banners we used to make on forums in 2005,” added another user.

Players are even sharing their Adventurer Plates on Twitter! They’re such a great feature that they work amazingly outside of the game as well. You can take a screenshot, crop it, and share that picture anywhere to let folks know how you’re living in FFXIV.

This is only the beginning for Adventurer Plates as well. There’s only a limited number of backgrounds and frames available, though Square Enix has committed to adding more in the future. There are also some emotes that aren’t available for use in Portraits; for example, my Ranger Poses are sadly missing, and I hazard the “Eat Egg” emote from the Hatching Tide event isn’t in the list either. Still, it’s a fantastic start and a wonderful feature for FFXIV. Hopefully, some of its more racy uses won’t motivate the dev team to remove it.