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Yakuza: Like a Dragon Bug Catching Guide - Farming Spot and Crafting Tips

A Thug’s Life

There’s plenty of fish in the sea, thugs on the streets, and bugs in the trees in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Catching bugs might not seem like a useful task at first, but after certain story events, they become crucial towards your progression. This guide covers how you can exchange them for prizes, as well as using them to craft powerful gear for Ichiban and his friends.

How Bug Catching Works

Starting Chapter 3, Ichiban will be able to spot and grab bugs from the environment. These appear as glowing orbs (if they’re resting on trees) or as spots on the floor with a yellow arrow above them if they’re on grasslands. There’s not much to it – just get close enough for the button prompt to appear, grab them, and a small window will let you know which bug it is. You can then find them under the Materials tab of your inventory.

We have found dozens of different kinds, but some stood out as, at times, you’ll get silver and gold variations of bugs. You can go ahead and sell all of these if you’re running low on yen, but we recommend keeping them, as they will become useful later on.

Part-time Hero Bug Deliveries

After completing the substory “How to be a Part-time Hero” in Chapter 5 (which is obtained just by following the main questline), this feature will open up dozens of delivery requests, challenges, and so on.

A couple of those deliveries will ask you to fetch certain types of bugs, and then bring them to the nearest Part-time Hero rep around town. This sounds like a hassle to keep track of, but luckily a message will let you know everytime you meet the requirements for one of them. Just don’t forget to deliver them periodically, otherwise the rewards will be sitting there in your orders backlog!

It makes for an easy way to obtain money and items, but keep in mind that the bugs you deliver will be taken out of your inventory and aren’t just for show.

Look, Better Keep Those Bugs for Crafting Instead

Like a Dragon wouldn’t be a JRPG without a crafting system, and you’ll obtain one during Chapter 5 as well. Just follow the main story until Saeko parts way with the party momentarily. Adachi will mention a workshop near Romance St. and the group will head there.

At that point in the story you might not have many materials to craft new gear, but there’s plenty of recipes that will be helpful throughout the entire journey. And as it turns out, many of them require several bugs (apparently metal wires and scorpions can lead to electrified baseball bats?) and we highly recommend collecting the necessary materials.

Most of the loot you will need for crafting is obtained by doing random fight encounters in the streets and keeping an eye for loot laying on the floor, but bugs are equally essential. Also, remember that you can check on recipes at any time by using the gear icon in Ichiban’s phone.

Bug Catching Farming Spot – Yakuza: Like a Dragon Tips

There’s no way to know which bugs you’re going to obtain when you pick them up, but there’s a silver lining. Hamakita Park is the best place for bug catching, as there’s picking spots throughout all of the grasslands and on trees there. You can even set yourself in a specific area and just run in circles to see them spawn in real time once you mark some distance.

It’s worth noting that these spots can disappear after some time, but don’t fret, as there’s no point in which they will cease to appear. Just spending a couple minutes in this part of the map can lead to fulfilling at least one Part-time Hero delivery, or get you one beetle closer to that powerful weapon you can’t stop thinking about. Next time you’re close to Hamakita Park, have Ichiban catch some bugs.

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