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Warframe Orokin Cell Farm 2023 Guide – Farming Locations, Tips & Tricks

Orokin Cell farming is almost as old as Warframe, but let's take a look at the modern methods to find what you need.

Each Warframe Orokin Cell is precious. This rare resource is needed for a variety of the game’s most important crafted materials: such as Forma, Orokin Reactors, and Orokin Catalysts. Not to mention most Prime Warframes and weapons. Thus, you churn through a lot of these little potatoes and players are always looking for ways to farm Orokin Cells more efficiently. So, let’s give a quick rundown of where to look and what to do when farming Orokin Cells!

To start things off, you should always be farming in two places at once. The first is in combat, just by killing enemies in the appropriate locations, but the second way is to use Resource Extractors. These planetary harvesters can soak up materials from any planet (or moon or space void anomaly) that you have fully unlocked. They function in real-time, too, meaning you don’t even need to play the game to start farming.

The tradeoff is that the odds of harvesting rare resources with an extractor are extremely low. Not to mention they take hours per attempt. But any chance at all is better than none, so you should always have the maximum number of extractors running when they’re available. You can find a guide to where to put your extractors right here. Though the locations also line up with where you can find Orokin Cells naturally in-game just by playing.

You can find Orokin Cells on the following worlds:

  • Deimos
  • Ceres
  • Saturn

Note that “Deimos” here does not refer to the Cambion Drift (i.e. the open-world zone of the region). This location has its own unique set of drops separate from the standard mission nodes scattered across the greater Deimos region.

The world we most want to focus on, however, is Saturn. This is because Orokin Cells are classified as a rare resource (as opposed to common and uncommon). This gives us the unique advantage of farming bosses — each of which has a higher-than-average chance to drop a rare resource upon death. That gives means the bosses of Deimos, Ceres, and Saturn (Lephantis, Lech Kril, and Sargas Ruk) all have the overall best chance to drop the most Orokin Cells out of every enemy in the game. At least if we exclude non-guaranteed sources, like special event rewards.

Between these three, players should prioritize General Sargas Ruk (the Saturn boss). While all three bosses are somewhat annoying fights, Ruk both seems to have the best drop rate of the bunch and tends to be a little bit faster to finish. Not to mention you can collect more along the way by destroying cannisters and opening basic caches throughout the level.

As with any resource in Warframe, you can also boost your odds by using a Smeeta Kavat — which can semi-randomly apply a buff that boosts resource drops — and a regular old Resource Booster — which doubles all resource drops you receive for its entire duration.

Warframe Orokin Cell Farming

Boosters can be purchased by players for Platinum (the game’s premium currency). Though you can also receive them as daily login rewards and from other players. Hanging around any Relay (a.k.a. the game’s basic social hubs) will oftentimes net you a free boost from some good Samaritan giving them out for free. In fact, any player at Mastery Rank 30 can grant these “blessings” at will by interacting with the True Master’s Font found near the center of the station.

Combining these buffs and methods should yield the best results if you’re specifically looking to farm Orokin Cells. Though you can also farm the item more passively by completing Dark Sectors: special missions that grant increased rewards. Since these are always “endless” mission types, like Survival and Defense, you can use them to farm Orokin Cells while also gathering other, less specifically useful items (such as Void Relics).

While this is a less reliable way to collect the cells themselves, it might be a more efficient use of your time overall. Relics, in particular, will grant you access to the very things you might need Orokin Cells for in the first place: Forma and Prime parts. Or you can just sell whatever you get to other players for Platinum.

The best Dark Sector for Orokin Cell farming is Gabii on Ceres. This is one of the earliest available areas to farm cells in the entire game and gives that all-important drop chance boost. It’s also a Survival mission, meaning there is no special objective to defend. Teams can instead set up “kill rooms,” where players can use crowd control abilities to endlessly destroy approaching enemies and soak up both their oxygen cannisters and dropped resources. A good squad working together can keep this kind of pseudo-infinite gravy train rolling for a long, long time.

And those are the best methods for Orokin Cell farming in Warframe right now! We’ll be sure to update this guide in the future if something more appealing comes along. In the meantime, best of luck with your gathering efforts, Tenno.

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