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Warframe Bapholite Farm 2023 Guide – Farming Locations, Tips & Tricks

Tempered Bapholite is easy to get, if you know how! Here's another Warframe mining guide.

In Warframe, farming Bapholite can be a slightly confusing process. So it goes with open-world resources obtained through mining. This is because, unlike most other crafting materials, like Neurodes and Orokin Cells, you can’t just rely on random drops while playing normally. Well, not usually. The most reliable method is to go out of your way and look for the stuff — all with the help of a mining laser.

There are a few tips and tricks to make the process go a bit more smoothly, thankfully. Which should help you craft loads of Tempered Bapholite (which is the material actually used in crafting recipes) much faster. Let’s take a look with our Bapholite farming guide!

First things first, players should know that, as detailed above, Bapholite is one of several different Warframe resources tied to mining. In other words, enemies don’t typically drop it naturally. To start your Bapholite farm off properly requires a special tool called a mining laser.

There are two basic styles of laser to choose from (at least at the time of this writing): the Nosam Cutter (of which there are several upgraded versions) and the Sunpoint Plasma Drill. The latter of the two is technically “better,” since it can acquire more and rarer resources, but one should still keep a Nosam Cutter handy. The drill has such a low chance of collecting common materials that it can actually make them harder to find than “rare” ones. Depending on what you want to farm, you may want to switch between the two lasers to match what you’re looking to mine.

You can purchase the Nosam Cutter (and its upgraded versions) from Old Man Suumbaat in Cetus and the Sunpoint Plasma Drill from Smokefinger in Fortuna. Both cost Standing from their respective Syndicates: Ostron Standing for the cutters and Solaris United Standing for the drill. After you buy any of the lasers, you can equip it to your Gear radial menu in the Arsenal.

warframe adramalium mining

With either laser equipped, you now need to hit up the Cambion Drift: a.k.a. the open-world area of Deimos. Here you can farm Bapholite in one of two ways. The most direct method is to use your chosen mining laser to shoot yellow ore deposits found across the region. Your laser will indicate how far you are from the nearest ore and/or gem deposit with a small range indicator on the right-hand side of your screen.

Approaching a deposit will also cause the laser to start beeping faster and faster — indicating that you’re getting close. Though this only works when you actually have the laser equipped. And, once again, make sure it’s a yellow ore deposit.

Once the laser is equipped, you can mine simply by shooting the glowing weak points that appear on mineral deposits. Each comes with a small quick-time event which can increase the amount and rarity of resources you acquire if you do it correctly.

warframe deimos caves

On Deimos, blue ore deposits hold gems while yellow deposits hold ore. Bapholite is a type of ore, so we’re only looking for yellow mining spots in this particular instance. The radar doesn’t differentiate between ore deposits and gem deposits while you play its little game of “hot or cold,” but yellow deposits are far more common than blue ones, so they shouldn’t be especially tough to find. Especially if you hit up any of the many caves on the moon’s surface; ore and gems appear in much, much greater quantities inside underground caverns. Note that these are also marked on your map with small, white cave icons.

The actual difficulty when farming Bapholite is really a mix between your own level of patience and which laser you use. The material seems to be fairly rare when using a Sunpoint Plasma Drill (seemingly appearing every 10 nodes or so). This is actually because it’s a common mineral type — which the drill has trouble picking up. As such, you’re better off using the Advanced Nosam Cutter (a more accurate version of the Nosam Cutter also available from Old Man Suumbaat).

That being said, Bapholite seems at least a tiny bit more common with the Sunpoint Plasma Drill than something like Adramalium. Though Warframe is a game of random chance and your mileage may and will always vary. This is just our personal experience during testing.

warframe deimos cysts

The other way to farm Bapholite in Warframe is by simply blowing up cysts. Such as the one shown in the screenshot above. Specifically, Bapholite can be found inside of Rolizor and Spitia Infested Cysts throughout the Cambion Drift. These are akin to storage containers on less organic-looking levels, but to be clear they appear as orange-y flesh pods that explode and drop resources when you destroy them. The same goes for other mining materials; you might get Bapholite or something else entirely.

To exploit this method, you can use a fast-moving frame, like Volt, or those with area-of-effect explosions, of which Xaku is the best in this instance, to crack these containers quickly and soak up whatever they have inside. There’s no guarantee that any of them will have Bapholite (or any other mining material). However, some players might find this process less tedious than mining.

The cysts can also be a good source of Plastids. These aren’t actually needed to craft Tempered Bapholite, but they are used in plenty of other things, like certain Necramech parts. Which might be what you need to farm Bapholite for in the first place. Even if that’s not the case, odds are you’ll need them for something down the line, so it’s not a bad thing to receive instead of ore.

And that’s that! Those are the most effective ways to farm Bapholite in Warframe at the moment. Hopefully this handful of tips on where to look and what tool to use helps make the process that much easier. Best of luck building those Necramechs, or whatever else you have in mind, Tenno!

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