The Best Horse in Red Dead 2 – White Arabian, Rose Grey Bay, & More

Horses are an integral part of every cowboy’s life in Red Dead Redemption 2. Any outlaw worth his salt knows you’re only as good as your best steed, as the surprisingly resilient animals can carry a massive amount of goods while remaining your constant companion. Not to mention the fastest horses will help you explore the unforgiving Wild West quickly.

It’s good, then, that Red Dead 2 is positively teeming with candidates for best horse. There are several to choose from based on what kind of stats are most important to you. Horses all feature a litany of different stats, including Health, Speed, Stamina, and Acceleration. Each of these properties improve as you bond with your animal.

They also handle differently, from Heavy to Elite, and vary in responsiveness when it comes to exploring on the open road. You won’t find a horse with perfect stat numbers for every single category, but you can choose from several great options that fit the bill across the board.

Many prefer the White Arabian, while others will swear by the Amber Champagne variant of the Turkoman.  It really depends on what kind of horse you’re looking for, as there’s a wide variety of different ones to choose from. You’ll have to make your own decisions about what type of horse benefits you and your play style the most.

With that said, here are some of the best breeds in the game that you should absolutely seek out when able. Some are found only in the wild, while others can be purchased at various locations (and during various chapters) in-game.

Missouri Fox Trotter (Best Top Speed)

Base Speed: 7

Base Acceleration: 5

Handling: Standard

Type: Race/Work

This particular horse is a great pick if you’re looking for nothing but Speed. But it can handle its own in terms of Stamina, too. Every one of these horses comes packing the same stats, whether you purchase an Amber Champagne horse at Scarlett Meadows during Chapter 4, or the Silver Dapple Pinto at Blackwater Stable during the game’s Epilogue.

Turkoman (Best Combat Horse)

Base Speed: 6

Base Acceleration: 5

Handling: Standard

Type: Race/War

There are three breeds of Turkoman horse, each of which boasts the same stats, much like the Missouri Fox Trotter Horses. They have average Speed but high Health stats, so they can take a beating from enemies without so much as slowing their gallop. That makes them great for situations where you’d rather fight on horseback than make a quick getaway.

You can grab the Gold Turkoman at the Saint Denis Stable in Chapter 4 and the Dark Bay Turkoman at the Blackwater Stable during the Epilogue. Finally, you can purchase the Silver Turkoman at the Tumbleweed Stable (also during the Epilogue). However, the choice mainly depends on which color you prefer. They’re all the same otherwise.

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White Arabian (The Best Early Pick)

Speed: 6

Acceleration: 6

Handling: Elite

Type: Superior

This is the horse every Red Dead 2 player should snag immediately. It’s completely free (only appearing as a wild horse) and, like all Arabians, has the best overall stats in the game. You can also pick it up as early as Chapter 2.

The White Arabian horse is only found in the wild around the Lake Isabella area, near the left of the shape on the map by the dotted line to the side of the lake itself. It’s a difficult beast to break and tame, and will require you to calm it considerably before approaching—much less ride on its back.

Make a manual save before approaching it. That way you can reload if things go awry. Once you mount her, fight against the horse’s movements with the left stick to stay on top. Finally, once she’s broken, you can transfer your saddle to the creature to make her yours. Just be sure to treat her right—there’s only one White Arabian in the game.

It’s a great early-game choice for anyone looking to catch a reliable mode of transportation without having to plunk down hard-earned cash at a stable.

Black Arabian (The Best Mid-Game Option)

Black Arabian

Base Speed: 6

Base Acceleration: 6

Handling: Elite

Type: Superior

You can grab the Black Arabian horse about midway through the game at the Saint Denis Stable in Chapter 4. Its stats are quite impressive and well-rounded, with decent handling and an overall type advantage. It’s also the cheaper of the two Arabians you can purchase. So if you lose your slightly weaker White Arabian, and can’t yet buy the Rose Grey Bay, consider this one.

Rose Grey Bay Arabian (The Best Overall)

Base Speed: 6

Base Acceleration: 6

Handling: Elite

Type: Superior

Head to the Blackwater Stable during the epilogue to corral this beauty. She features better Health and Stamina than the other two Arabians. Although she’s also very expensive—going for $1250 in-game dollars. The bright side is that you can always buy another one if this horse fails.