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Red Dead 2 Legendary Animals Map - Hunting Locations and Guide

In Red Dead Redemption 2, you’ll spend a good amount of time hunting for animals out in the wilderness. While you’re out there looking around, make some time to find the trophy beasts known as Legendary Animals. There are 16 Legendary Animals you can stumble upon in Red Dead 2, and they’re a little more difficult to find than regular old critters.

One of your first brushes with a Legendary Animal is during a story mission that walks you through the process. After that, you have to make it your personal goal to track them all down yourself. It can be quite difficult to find every single animal, but as long as you can make it to the general area of each prized creature, you’re as good as ready to bag your conquest.

And you definitely want to find them all! Hunting these beasts will net you some fantastic equipment that can be crafted from the special “ingredients” you provide a Trapper with. He also sells hunting supplies to ensure you’re ready to get right back out there and find more Legendary Animals. Make sure you visit him when it’s time to emerge from the wilderness and resupply.

Luckily, you won’t have to wander aimlessly through the western frontier without any assistance. We’ve got a list of all the Legendary Animals’ locations, which should help you kick start your burgeoning pelt business. Speaking of which, remember to click in both sticks to activate your tracking senses!

Red Dead 2 Legendary Bharati

Legendary Bharati Grizzly Bear

You can either hunt this bear on your own, following your hunt with Hosea, or come back to it later. Should you choose to come back to it later, you should head to the Grizzlies East area and look north of O’Creagh’s Run to start tracking it.

Red Dead 2 Legendary White Bison

Legendary White Bison

Go west toward Ambarino. Look for Lake Isabella, north from Mount Hagen. Check around the north side of the lake, just south of Spider Gorge for a striking beast you won’t be able to miss.

Red Dead 2 Legendary Beaver

Legendary Beaver

Look in the eastern region of New Hanover for the tiny little beaver icon. Head west from the Van Horn Trading Post and look for a pond close to the river here south of the Elysian Pool. The beaver should be hanging around in this area, though it’s small and a bit difficult to spot.

Red Dead 2 Legendary Animals

Legendary Wolf

You’ll find the majestic Legendary Wolf hanging out in Cotorra Springs, which can be found northwest of Bacchus Station and west of Bacchus Bridge. If you have difficulty scouting it out, look northwest of Bacchus Station for the formidable wolf.

Red Dead 2 Legendary Fox

Legendary Fox

Head to the western area of Lemoyne and journey toward Rhodes. Trek over to Mattock Pond, where you can find this gorgeous Legendary Animal prowling about.

Red Dead 2 Legendary Moose

Legendary Moose

Look at the northeastern-most part of the map, north of Annesburg and around Roanoke Valley. It makes sense that the moose would be close to the north, after all. Check around Brandywine Drop and west of Willard’s Rest to find the creature.

Red Dead 2 Legendary Buck

Legendary Buck

Travel to the western part of the map and seek out the West Elizabeth region. Head north of Strawberry and slightly further west toward Mount Shamm. Continue north past Lake Owanjila until you reach the westernmost area of Big Valley. You’ll find the buck hanging out around here.

Red Dead 2 Legendary Coyote

Legendary Coyote

Go to Rhodes, which will take you to the western part of Lemoyne. Head to Mattock Pond, where the Legendary Fox can be found. Then go west from there. Look around Ringneck Creek here to flush out the coyote.

Red Dead 2 Legendary Alligator

Legendary Alligator

Journey toward Saint Denis, quite possibly the best place to find any alligator in the game, let alone a Legendary one. Check out the western area of Lake Lagras and you should see the alligator swimming around, practically begging for you to capture it.

Red Dead 2 Legendary Cougar

Legendary Cougar

In the southwestern New Austin section of the map, head directly west of Tumbleweed to find Gaptooth Ridge, where you can usually find the Legendary Cougar making its rounds.

Red Dead 2 Legendary Panther

Legendary Panther

You’ll have to make your way back to Rhodes for the Legendary Panther. Head south to Bolger Blade this time, where you’ll find this magnificent cat strutting about. One thing to note is that you’ll only be able to find the Legendary Panther when you’ve finished nine Master Hunter Challenges.

Red Dead 2 Legendary Pronghorn

Legendary Pronghorn

Check New Austin for this beast. Look between Rio Del Lobo Rock and Fort Mercer to the right of the Rio Bravo area.

Red Dead 2 Legendary Boar

Legendary Boar

Make a trip all the way east on the map, north of good ol’ Saint Denis. Then search the Bluewater Marsh to see if you can find this jolly little critter.

Red Dead 2 Legendary Tatanka Bison

Legendary Tatanka Bison

Run over to New Austin and head south of West Elizabeth. Look around MacFarlane’s Ranch and trek southwest of Thieves Landing, positioning yourself northeast of Manteca Falls, to get on the trail of the Legendary Tatanka Bison.

Red Dead 2 Legendary Elk

Legendary Elk

If you’re around the Cumberland Forest and Bacchus Station already, hunting the Legendary Fox, you may as well come around to pick off the Legendary Elk as well. You’ll find it wandering around to the east of Fort Wallace.

Red Dead 2 Legendary Big Horn Ram

Legendary Big Horn Ram

Near the beginning of the game, close to Valentine, head west and cross the Dakota River—going east of Cattail Pond. This is where you’ll find the Legendary Big Horn Ram.

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