Splatoon 3 Weapons Guide – How to Unlock New Weapons

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Suit up squid kid, Splatoon 3 has finally been released on the Nintendo Switch. Continuing the chaotic, colorful multiplayer gameplay of the previous entries, Splatoon 3 is packed full of content for fans to enjoy. Along with the Salomon Run and campaign, players can once again enjoy the territorial combat of Splatoon 3. Boasting a huge array of weapons, it can be overwhelming to find one that you like. Thankfully, you can unlock a bunch of weapons as you play through Splatoon 3′s multiplayer.

How to Unlock Weapons in Splatoon 3

To unlock weapons you will need to earn Sheldon Licenses, which are exchanged for gear at the Ammo Knights shop. This feature will unlock after you complete the opening tutorial and your first online match. Doing so will give you access to Ammo Knights, which can be found in the main square or quickly visited by pressing X and selecting the “Weapons” tab. Once you’re in the store, you can turn in a Sheldon License for any available weapons.

Keep in mind that most tools of splattering destruction are tied to your current level. Meaning you’ll need to reach that level to even be able to purchase it. You can level up by completing Salmon Run or regular multiplayer matches. Winning matches will reward you with more experience towards your level, so make sure to try your best. Additionally, you can purchase consumables at the small food stall right by where you’d load up a multiplayer match. These cost tickets, but some of these items will boost the amount of experience you earn for a period of time.

Splatoon 3 Unlock Weapons

You can unlock normal Sheldon Licenses by either leveling up or increasing your weapon’s Freshness. Doing so will give you a single Sheldon License which you can spend at the Ammo Knights store. Additionally, you can earn three Gold Sheldon Licenses by importing Splatoon 2 saved data into Splatoon 3. These gold licenses can be exchanged for any weapon in the store regardless of your current level or how many other Sheldon Licenses you own. It’s a good way to get a few late-game items, which can be a big edge this early on.

With that being said, I strongly encourage you to always test weapons before you unlock them in Splatoon 3. This can be done by highlighting the gun you want to purchase and pressing Y. This will send you to a practice range where you can freely experiment with the weapon, bombs, and ultimate move without wasting your licenses. Given there are a ton of guns in Splatoon 3, this is a great way to find a weapon that suits your particular playstyle. If you’re unsure what to get, I like the N-ZAP 85, Splash-o-matic, and Glooga Dualies. While it’s easy to become overwhelmed, just go at your own pace and experiment with all the different weapons. Not only will this help you find one you like, but understand how to counter them when an opponent is using one!