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How to Squid Surge and Squid Roll in Splatoon 3

Use your new moves to outfit your foes in Nintendo's ink shooter.

Splatoon 3 doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it does bring some new tools to the proverbial table for players to mess around with. Two of these, the Squid Surge and the Squid Roll, are movement abilities tied to the Squid/Octo form. If you want to get an edge on other players in Splatoon 3, you’ll want to master these moves — here’s how to pull them off.

How to Squid Roll in Splatoon 3

The Squid Roll is kind of a dodge maneuver that you can execute whenever you’re swimming in your own ink. To do it, you’ll having to be moving at full speed in a direction, which is indicated by white speed lines appearing on your screen. Once you’re doing that, quickly switch directions and hit the jump button at the same time. If you do it correctly, you’ll leap out of the ink surrounded by a flash of energy, which provides a brief moment of invincibility.

How to Squid Surge in Splatoon 3

While the Squid Roll is primarily a land-based maneuver (though it can also be used on walls), the Squid Surge in Splatoon 3 is solely for vertical movement. While on a wall in squid form, hold down the jump button and release it to launch yourself into the air. This can catapult you up past the edges of an inked wall onto the top of it, so it’s great for getting the drop on your foes.

That’s it for the new moves in Splatoon 3. How are you liking the game so far? Let us know in the comments. (As a newcomer to the series, I’m still struggling with the motion controls.) And don’t forget to check out the rest of our Splatoon 3 guides, including how to unlock Salmon Run, how to unlock new weapons, and how to get bronze, silver, and gold scales.

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