Sepulture (Normal): FF14 Eden Raid Guide – Boss Strategy & Tips

Things are about to get rocky in the fourth phase of the Eden raid in FF14...

You finally made it! It’s time for the fourth (and, as of patch 5.01, final) leg of the Eden’s Gate raid in Final Fantasy 14. And while I don’t want to discourage you, I should say that this boss is a real pain. It may share a name with another, much easier boss from long before Shadowbringers, but its got more tricks up its sleeve than you can count. That’s exactly why we made this guide to Sepulture in the FF14 Eden raid. Let’s get cracking!

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Voice of the Land – Sepulture: FF14 Eden Raid Guide

The battle begins with a nice, simple area of effect attack. Voice of the Land cannot be avoided, so healers just need to top everyone off whenever it triggers. Tanks should not use shields with long cooldowns at this point, though. You’re likely going to need them later! Much more than the first three parts of this raid, everyone must be judicious with their damage mitigation.

FF14 Eden Raid Guide Sepulture

Evil Earth – Sepulture: FF14 Eden Raid Guide

Evil Earth is another AoE attack that affects the entire battlefield. However, it can be avoided! You just need to look for the starting point. One of the 16 tiles that make up your battlefield will be marked. Every other tile will then detonate in rings, radiating out from that point, in order. The idea is to stand inside one of the outer zones marked for damage. Then, right after one of the inner rings (or the original marker) explodes, walk into that newly safe area! Failure to do so will result in damage and a vulnerability debuff. You don’t want that!

Weight of the Land – Sepulture: FF14 Eden Raid Guide

Next we have Weight of the Land. The raid boss will periodically use this ability throughout the fight — usually overlapping it with other skills. It’s nothing special, though. It just marks roughly half of the arena tiles for explosive damage in a random pattern. Simply walk to an unmarked area to avoid the hit.

Stonecrusher – Sepulture: FF14 Eden Raid Guide

Finally we come to Stonecrusher. This is a run of the mill “tankbuster”: an attack that deals intense damage to whichever target has enmity. That should be your main tank, of course, hence the phrase tankbuster! The only notable thing about Stonecrusher is its overall damage. Even by tankbuster standards, this dishes out tremendous pain to whoever it hits. Combined with even one vulnerability debuff from another attack, this can easily one-hit-kill an unprotected tank. Consider using simple cooldown barriers to offset the damage.

FF14 Eden Raid Guide Sepulture

Crumbling Down – Sepulture: FF14 Eden Raid Guide

Next comes Crumbling Down. During this attack, the boss will summon two large boulders from… somewhere. And they deal proximity-based damage when they hit the ground. Safe spots include the outer corners, and either side of the arena that puts the two boulders equidistant to you. I personally recommend the latter! Crumbling down doesn’t do intense damage. However, running to a corner can still put you out of healing range. Not to mention you need to run towards one of the rocks in just a second.

Seismic Wave – Sepulture: FF14 Eden Raid Guide

Specifically, you want to run toward whichever rock doesn’t begin to glow orange. That’s because the boss is about to cast Seismic Wave. This works much like Ecliptic Meteor — annihilating anyone without the rock to block the damage. Unlike Ecliptic Meteor, however, the damage radiates from the boss itself. And they will continue moving right up until they start casting Seismic Wave.

That puts the main tank in a bit of a pickle. The boss will continue following the main tank if they move, so it’s best for this player to wait until the last second before running toward the safety of the boulder. Try to position yourself (and the raid boss) close to the rock, though. Failing to hide in time will lead to a vulnerability debuff, if nothing else, making things much harder on the healer for over a minute.

Geocrush – Sepulture: FF14 Eden Raid Guide

Now it’s safe to approach the boss again! Don’t get too comfortable, though. The next attack is Geocrush. This is a leaping ability, wherein the boss jumps to a random point towards one end of the arena. Players need to stand close to this spot (indicated by arrow markers radiating outward in a circle) without actually standing inside it. They will then be pushed back after the boss lands — away from its impact point. As such, put as much open ground between your behind and the landing point as possible! Getting knocked off the arena is instant death, as usual. Sorry!

FF14 Eden Raid Guide Sepulture

Massive Landslide – Sepulture: FF14 Eden Raid Guide

Now the boss will, uh… turn into a car. Sorta. Their next attack is indicated by two wheels flying off their back and onto their hands. This always means one of two moves is on the way. Although the first always seems to be Massive Landslide. During this attack, just stand directly in front of the boss — anywhere in the line of tiles it’s currently facing. They will proceed to deal AoE damage in every other tile besides these four.

That’s not the end of it, however. This is also your first taste of “aftershocks” in Sepulture. As soon as the rest of the battlefield detonates, the previously safe line of tiles will be marked with blue light. This is your cue to move out and into the newly safe zones. Because the blue area is about to explode, too.

Throughout the rest of this raid, several attacks that damage tiles will be followed by identical aftershocks. But the idea always remains the same. Some tiles will become marked and explode. Then the previously safe zones will turn blue. Stand in the safe area first — near as possible to an orange tile without actually being on top of it — then get ready to move into that zone once your tile turns blue. This gets harder and harder throughout the fight, as the raid boss overlaps more and more abilities, but gets much simpler if you stay patient and just focus on moving during particularly hectic sections.

FF14 Eden Raid Guide Sepulture

Bomb Boulders – Sepulture: FF14 Eden Raid Guide

This attack is exactly what it sounds like. The raid boss will summon down more rocks from above. After a short delay, they will all detonate and deal damage, as well as a vulnerability debuff. One rock will also become marked — growing in size and dealing damage over a much wider radius.

It’s hard to avoid this smoothly… There is no on-screen indication of where the explosions will take place. Suffice it to say that the little bombs have almost exactly a one-tile radius, while the big bombs have a two-tile radius. The safest way to dodge them is to stand in one of the corners of the arena — away from the big bomb. This will, however, likely put you out of range of the boss and/or healers. You can also stand in the center of the arena, just slightly farther away from the big bomb than the others. This is a lot more dangerous, however.

The Bomb Boulders do eventually become easier to avoid, as they come down in rows of three and detonate in sequence. When this happens, just look for the bombs that light up first. Stand outside their usual range (likely next to a set of inert bombs) and wait for them to explode. Then move away from the second set of bombs, into the space where the previous ones already exploded! The downside is that you will likely need to dodge other attacks at the same time.

FF14 Eden Raid Guide Sepulture

Fault Zone – Sepulture: FF14 Eden Raid Guide

Some of the previous attacks will now repeat, concluding with another cast of Geocrush. And once again the boss will wear a pair of tires as gloves. Don’t stand in front of it, though! You’re about to face Fault Zone. This attack looks just like Massive Landslide, at first, but has the exact opposite effect. The boss will deal immense damage to every tile directly in front of it, while knocking back players standing anywhere else.

As such, you need to stand right next to the boss, on one of its flanks. Specifically, you need to be on whichever side gives you more room to slide back. The boss will always face down one of the center two lanes, creating a “safe” zone with two rows of tiles, and a “kill” zone with just one row of space. Even in the safe area, however, you must stand very close to the boss. The knockback is massive. And falling off the ledge will still kill you.

Then there are the aftershocks. More blue lights will begin to radiate out from where the boss began its attack. Deal with this the usual way: by standing just next to a row that’s about to explode, and moving inside of it after the explosion itself.

Earthen Fury – Sepulture: FF14 Eden Raid Guide

This one isn’t much to write home about. Earthen Fury is another unavoidable AoE attack that deals damage to the entire team — just like Voice of the Land. It deals significantly more damage, however, so healers should be on their guard. Besides that, it mostly serves to indicate the next phase of the fight is about to begin. The boss will begin to unleash more attacks with greater overlap, and just generally be a bigger pain…

FF14 Eden Raid Guide Sepulture

Landslide – Sepulture: FF14 Eden Raid Guide

This is another leaping attack, visually similar to Geocrush. The results are much different, however. The raid boss will jump toward the middle of one ledge of the arena — creating a T-shaped damage marker. You will have a total of four safe tiles to stand in, located in the corners opposite where the boss lands. They’re not hard to see, either, since Landslide comes with a nice, obvious AoE marker. Get ready to move, though! The two safe corners will be struck with blue aftershock markers after the initial impact.

Leftward & Rightward Landslide – Sepulture: FF14 Eden Raid Guide

After the first aftershock, the boss will proceed to hammer one full half of the arena with Leftward or Rightward Landslide. As the names imply, these are projected from either the left or right side of the boss! You can also tell where they’ll hit thanks to the nice, big AoE markers. Once one half of the battlefield gets hammered, the second half will be subjected to another wave of aftershocks. Move into the previously struck areas to avoid them.

This entire process repeats one more time. The boss will leap for another normal Landslide, followed by its aftershocks, and then use either Rightward or Leftward Landslide (the opposite of whatever it used before). The indicated side of the field will take a hit, then the previously safe area will go into aftershocks. After which it’s back to business as usual for a while.

FF14 Eden Raid Guide Sepulture

Fault Zone (Part Two) – Sepulture: FF14 Eden Raid Guide

We’re not quite done yet, I’m afraid! The boss will continue to use its previous attacks, including Earthen Fury. Sometime after this second Earthen Fury, you will face another Fault Zone — as well as its ensuing push back and aftershocks. That’s not all, though. Now the raid boss will start chaining one Fault Zone after another.

The first attack will trigger, the boss will move to the opposite side of the arena, scoot over one tile, and fire it again. This means each boop will push you in the opposite direction than the last one did, too. You will need to constantly reposition with each new use of Fault Zone to avoid falling off an edge. This repeats three times before the boss activates its final attack.

Magnitude 5.0 – Sepulture: FF14 Eden Raid Guide

This is a huge, but fairly straightforward AoE attack. The boss will deal large damage to the entire arena, sans a safe zone immediately under it. Just sprint or use a gap-closing ability to get within point blank range of the boss to avoid the blast! At which point the boss should be very nearly dead. But if you fail to kill it quickly enough, it will fire off another Earthen Fury and just generally try to kill you. Don’t let it!

If you can survive all this, mostly by keeping calm and not building up more than one stack of vulnerability debuffs, you’re in the clear. It’s a very hectic, very high-damage raid, though, so don’t get discouraged if you can’t beat it on your first try. Plenty of other players are in the same boat as you! Work together and overcome this first act of the Eden raid in FF14. Good luck!