The Best Weapons to Use in Ring of Elysium

Ring of Elysium is a game that, like many other battle royale titles, requires that you stumble upon the best equipment you possibly can if you want to take on the competition. Given that this game is a more realistic affair than what we’ve seen with the most popular battle royale of all right now, Fortnite, there’s a wide variety of guns at your disposal that can make or break your burgeoning victory.

Whether you prefer to stick to SMGs, assault rifles, or shotguns, we’ve got a guide to choosing some of the best Ring of Elysium weapons possible – if you can find these at the start of the game or within a reasonable amount of time, you’ll be sitting pretty. At least you won’t have to keep dealing with the not-so-great starting guns, after all.

AUG Assault Rifle

The AUG is one of the best assault rifles in the game, as it’s capable of cutting down just about any enemy that foolishly gets in your way. It’s decent with accuracy, so you can fire away from the hip and rattle bullets away. If you happen to find one out in the wild, it’s absolutely worth dropping just about any assault rifle you picked up previously to opt for this one.

With a high rate of fire and high damage quotient, it lacks a bit in terms of bullet speed, but it can drop just about any enemy you need it to. It’s better to stick to the AUG for close-range combat, as it’s less effective at a distance, but it’s still very much worth keeping at your side if you can stumble onto one of these. Just pray that your enemy doesn’t find it first.

M4A1 Assault Rifle

Even if you already have an AUG assault rifle, the all-around contender M4A1 is well worth adding to your inventory. It’s a well-rounded weapon with a lightning fast rate of fire, compatibility with multiple attachments that make it even deadlier — such as the Red Dot Sight or scope — and it’s pretty low profile. It’s less powerful than the AUG, but it’s also more accurate, whether you’re picking off an enemy a few feet away or shooting your opponents right in the face. With low recoil and its plentiful nature, this assault rifle is a no-brainer.


When you’re covered with assault rifles and smaller weapons like pistols that you may start off with depending on what gear you choose at the beginning, you’ll want something light and a little zippy. The MPX-SD has a high rate of fire that’s capable of taking out just about any enemy with as few bullets as possible.

It’s especially deadly in close quarters, which is good since there isn’t any silencer mod for the gun. You’re just going to need to rip through the baddies as soon as possible so they don’t have a chance to alert their team or run away screaming. And with this kind of power, that isn’t difficult to do. Make sure you don’t sleep on this bad boy if you find it out in the world.

G28 Sniper Rifle

When we think of sniper rifles, we tend to think of big, hulking, arms that give you one shot, one kill. That’s not the case with the G28, which is for all intents and purposes a semi-automatic sniper rifle. With excellent range and an iron sight to look down and get your target in its crosshairs, it’s a veritable powerhouse.

There are two similar guns in the game, but the G28 is the one you’re going to want to look after. You can enhance your vision even more with a 4x scope, pepper enemies with some destructive firepower, and perch yourself somewhere out of the way for some easy kills.

M200 Sniper Rifle

Let’s face it –– sniping is an important part of the game in Ring of Elysium. You’re going to want a rifle that does the job. This weapon can only be found in air drops, and while ammo for it can be particularly scarce, it’s capable of blowing enemies away left and right.

It uses .408 CheyTac ammo, which means you can’t interchange ammo if you find it like with other rifles, making it difficult to keep filled at all times. But if you’re using it correctly, that shouldn’t be an issue. It’s meant for slow, methodical games where you set up camp in a place with a great vantage point and just start totally unloading on the opposing team like a beast. Trust us on this one — it’s a great addition to your arsenal.